30 Years Ago This Month My Life Changed Forever

At 28 years old the last thing you expect to hear is you have cancer! I had been for my annual gynecological exam and the doctor called me back in for a follow-up. Not a good sign. At the appointment, he informed me I had Cervical Cancer and was unsure how far it had spread and wanted to do a couple of non-invasive procedures first.

He did two procedures without success and the decision was made I needed a hysterectomy. It was hard to hear at that young of an age, not to mention I was not married and had no children. Not that children were high on my list since I was very career-driven but it was an option.

When looking further into my family history he noticed both my mother and grandmother had Ovarian Cancer at a young age, both had a hysterectomy, and my risk of developing it was high. He recommended a total hysterectomy which meant having children was no longer an option.

It only took a few minutes to decide my health was most important and developing cancer a second time was not a risk I wanted to take.

The surgery was a success and I did not require chemotherapy which was a huge blessing.

Please keep your annual appointments, one year can make all the difference.

I don’t have any children and my life is still full and no worse off without them. I would rather be at a lower risk of repeat cancer, it was a great decision.



    1. I was so happy they caught it early. It could have been much worse. While I’m thinking about it, have you been to Italy? Chance is yes, I’m just starting to learn about the country and what we want to do other than Rome. I hope to stay three weeks but we’re talking sometime before we go. It’s his retirement trip. Do you have any suggestions or photos or should search for? Thanks and take care.


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