60 Year Round Gift Ideas For Your Chronically Ill Friends

Buying a gift is deeply personal and can get complicated when trying to buy for a friend with a chronic illness or for one who has chronic pain. I have a few chronic illnesses of my own and thought it would be nice to put a list of year-round gift ideas.

Silk pillowcase
Ultrasonic diffuser
Lavender essential oil
Weighted blanket
Scented candle with a pretty box of matches
Light Therapy Lamp
Handmade card or scrapbook
Audible subscription for a year
Footbath massager
Pack of foot masks
Luxurious foot cream
A wellness basket that includes body cleaning towelettes, dry shampoo, hand conditioning treatment, a box of Camomile tea bags
A journal with motivational sayings, or Scripture
Maid service for a deep clean
Car detail that comes to them
Walk their pet for a week
A gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure
A gift card to their favorite store
Lumbar pillow
Picture frame with a lovely photo you’ve taken
Insulated (non-sweating) water bottle with a flip-top
Assortment of coffees along with a mug
A pretty faux plant for the plant lover
Flowers in a pretty vase with a bow tied around it with a personal message
Singing Gram
Magazine subscription for one of their interest
A book that is special to you they may enjoy with an inscription in the front
Nice writing pen
A wreath and hanger for their front door
Bath and shower bombs
Assortment of food goodies like chocolates or gluten-free items 
Pack of face masks
Homemade potpourri with our without scent
Pretty adjustable cane
A walker attachment bag
Subscription to Itunes
Subscription to streaming service
A Fire TV stick
An annual subscription to Amazon Prime
Wireless Earbuds
Cook dinner for them
Pay for a meal delivery service for a month
Walk in the park with a camera to capture the moments
Silk eyemask
Metro card
Scented hand wash with matching lotion
A luxurious assortment of soaps
Travel size hand sanitizer
Travel size hand lotion
 A Silk mask with place for filter insert
Certificate for a back massage
Matching dish and hand soap in a dish
Electric toothbrush
An assortment of flavored toothpaste
Wool throw
Hand warmers
Heating pad
Sunrise clock
Reusable grocery bags
Alexa enabled lightbulb
Slip-resistant socks

I hope this sparks some ideas of your own. Shopping for someone who has a chronic illness isn’t as complicated as it feels, just think from a different perspective. 

Happy shopping, I know whatever you decide to give your friend or loved one, they will appreciate it and you very much.



  1. Hey – what a thoughtful list with a many great ideas! And this is early enough that folks can access it for Christmas (and the only thing I would remove is the candle – especially scented – because I have heard that burning anything is not ideal for the respiratory system or for immune system – and then some companies sneak questionable scents into candles and it can pollute our indoor air and that is never good-
    And don’t mean to be negative with that and i guess it depends on the person

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    1. Hey, I appreciate the feedback. Not negative at all. I love candles and some can’t have them. If you don’t have memory problems or other health issues their a great inexpensive gift. Unless you like the kind I do and they aren’t so inexpensive. That’s why I savor them. I thought this would help year-round but with the holidays it might help too. Have a great day.

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