4 Ways to Support Your Teens Mental Health During Difficult Times

The teen years are a time of change and growth. Hormones, new challenges, and trying to figure out who they are – all these things can make the teen years difficult. Parents will often say that it’s hard for them too! As a parent, you may be wondering how you can show your teenager that you care about them. This post offers four ways to do just that:

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 Listen when they talk to you about their day

You may feel like you spend most of the day helping your teen with homework, projects, sports practices, and more. That’s great! But it can also be easy to forget that they have their own lives – friends at school, drama in relationships, or problems with peers. So take time each night before bedtime to ask how their day went and listen when they talk about it. Don’t interrupt them; let them finish saying everything on their mind without interruption. Then give your input if asked for advice, but always try to end by asking if anything else was bothering them today (even if you think you already know).

Talk with them about their interests

Even if you couldn’t care less about the latest video game they’re playing, talk to them about their interests. Ask questions like “What’s your favorite part of this?” or “How do you think that happened?”, then listen and ask more questions (without interrupting). This will let them know that you are interested in what is important to them and help build communication skills! For example, if they love reading fantasy novels, buy one new book each month to read it without spending their allowance on books. If your teen loves sports or music videos online, sign up to sites like Netflix or watch movies online instead of paying for cable or satellite TV.

Help them get rid of bad habits

Getting drunk or high is not only dangerous for teens but can also lead to destructive behavior. So when you notice anything has changed, you might need to consider getting help from American Addiction Centers. Also, make sure your teen knows it’s essential to be safe around friends who may have been drinking – if they show up at home later smelling like alcohol or smoke, let them know you’re glad they came home safely but make sure to talk about their actions too! Encouraging good habits in your teenager will help keep both of you happy throughout this trying time.

 Treats or small gifts from time to time

Everyone loves getting a treat now and then, so it’s essential to show your teenager you care about them with small gifts or treats. But make sure these are things they like – if they don’t want it, after all, give the gift away (to charity). Please put some thought into what might be unique for them, though! For example: If they love candy one month but hate chocolate another, get something else instead of just buying chocolates each time.

It can be challenging to show your teenager that you care about them. This is because the teen years are a time of change and growth – hormones, new challenges, and trying to figure out who they are all making this tumultuous period in life challenging for both teens and their parents!

This is a collaborative post.


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