How Plants Can Improve Mental Health

There’s no doubt about it, we’re on the verge of a mental health crisis. Although lockdown measures have been eased all over the country, critics claim that the measures put in place to get the economy back up and running are too much, too soon. However, while many debate the wisdom of reopening the economy at a time when so many are still dying to COVID-19 on a daily basis, one could argue just as fervently that an extended lockdown is a mental health crisis waiting to happen. We all need to do our part to safeguard and improve our mental health. But before you call your doctor for a prescription, you might want to consider the natural mood enhancers that are all around us. We’re talking about the healing and rejuvenating qualities of plants. Letting plants into your life can boost your mental health in a variety of ways

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Here are 5 ways in which plants can ease your stress and anxiety and help to improve your mental health.  

Eat more of them

A plant-based diet has a wide range of health benefits. But did you know that certain veggies and fruits contain natural compounds that can help to correct your brain chemistry, ease your stress and boost your mood naturally? Get more of the following in your diet and you may find that your outlook gets a little sunnier;

  • Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
  • Spinach, kale and other leafy greens
  • Tomatoes 

Surround yourself with them at home

Even with relaxed lockdown measures, you’re probably spending a lot more time at home these days. Why not share your home with some beautiful mood-boosting pals? Houseplants are a great addition to any interior design aesthetic. They oxygenate your living space and imbue your environment with a sense of calm and tranquility.  

Spend more time with them outside

Of course, your home isn’t the only place where you can enjoy being close to plants. Indeed, when things get you down, getting out in the open air among trees, plants and flowers can be a real tonic for your wellbeing. Taking a walk in your local park is a great way to do this, as spending some quality time in the garden watching your plants grow. 

Use herbal supplements 

Plant based health supplements like CBD oil have been linked to positive mental health outcomes in some studies, especially when it comes to managing stress, anxiety and depression. Aches and pains can exacerbate your mental health issues, and there’s also evidence to suggest that topical application of CBD oil can ease pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arthritis. 

Use them to make a relaxing drink

Finally, while your cup of joe may give you a jolt in the morning, too much caffeine can actually exacerbate your stress levels and make you jittery. Instead, try a soothing infusion of green tea which is found to have calming effects on the body as well as being an excellent antioxidant. 

Make plants your friends to keeping you smiling through this difficult moment. 

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