DIY Bay Rum Beard Oil *Great Gift Idea

It’s fair to say that the hygiene, health, and conditioning properties of a good beard oil are both incredible and, once you start using it, totally indispensable. After using the beard oil recipe, your course hair will become ore smooth, easier to style, and lightly fragrant.

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By R&R Apothecary

You Will Need

0.25 oz. jojoba oil

0.25 oz. fractionated grapeseed oil

0.25 oz. fractionated avocado oil

0.25 oz. coconut oil

0.25 oz. rosehip oil

0.25 oz. vitamin E oil

0.25 oz. almond oil


12-16 drops bay rum essential oil


Glass Container w/eye dropper: 2 oz.

To Make

Measure all the oils except for the essential oil, and pour them into a bowl. Stir the oils thoroughly. Add the bay rum essential oil, and stir again. Use a funnel to pour the blend into a glass container. Always keep anything made with pure essential oils in glass, not plastic. To use, massage a few drops of oil into your beard.

Great gift for the man in your life.


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