Review of Delta 8 CBD Relief Gummies by Redeem Therapeutics

I’ve tried many CBD products over the years with mixed results so when I heard that Redeem Therapeutics had a Delta 8 Gummies, I had to try them.

Delta 8 products have trace amounts less than 3% but more than regular CBD products. I purchased the 20mg Delta 8 Releif Gummies, it has a hint of orange flavor but is not overpowering and I like the light jello consistency. No hard gummy to chew on.

This post contains affiliate links that don’t cost you more to use and help fund my coffee habit.

I have Painsomnia and those with insomnia of any sort can understand the difficulty of going back to sleep after waking up. I’ve been spending what seems like hours with my brain at full speed no matter how hard I try to relax. My sleeping pill has worn off and now it’s me against the world.

After months of this, I received an email from Redeem about their new Delta 8 Relief Gummies and decided to give them a try. I was surprised by how quickly I was relaxing and falling back to sleep.

I’ve now started taking one when I lay down for my nightly bedtime routine and then taking another when I wake up and need to go back to sleep.

I would highly recommend the Redeem Therapeutics Delta 8 gummies. I’ve also had success with their Spray CBD.

Redeem is offering a generous discount using my code LFTL15.

Delta 8 is not legal in all states, you can find out if they ship to your state on the Redeem Therapeutics website.

I  hope you will check out Redeem Therapeutics for more information on this and many other CBD products for you and your pets.

Redeem is offering a generous discount using my code LFTL15.


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