Review of Delta 8 CBD Gummies

After trying and finding relief in Delta 8 gummies, I’ve been on a mission to try several brands in an effort to find my go-to brand or brands. I reviewed Redeem Therapeutics Delta 8 separately and have not included them in this review.

This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission to fund my coffee habit. They don’t cost you more to use and we both win.

Kind Oasis

Citrus Splash 30mg per gummy

I love them! Melts like light jello and no after taste. A hint of citrus flavor.

The 30mg is the way to go if you are looking for the full Delta 8 effect. This one is very relaxing, it helped me go back to sleep and ease my mind from wondering. I’m in a state of harmony and everything is ok with me. These are my favorite so far!

Try The CBD

Tri-flavor 25mg per gummy

I dislike them, they are too hard and have bad artificial flavor after taste.

I dislike these all the way around. I did not feel the same relaxing effect as another 25mg gummy I tried and as stated they taste terrible. They weren’t the least expensive either.

Pure Kana

Watermelon 25mg gummy

Taste horrible! The initial sugar-coated taste was promising but the strong after taste is not worth buying for. I didn’t take enough to say if they worked because I could not eat anymore.

I’ve ordered two other brands and will update the post once I’ve tried them.

Have you tried Delta 8 gummies? I would love to hear your feedback!


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