Easy DIY Self-Care Eye Pads

From Makeup and Beauty

This DIY is easy, super quick to get done with, and also at the comfort of your own kitchen platform to relieve your eyes of all the exhaustion and also to get rid of the dullness around the eyes.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

You need:

1. Carrot (Known for its discoloration properties, carrot juice would help you in getting rid of the darkness and dullness around eyes)

2. Cucumber (Known for its cooling properties, cucumber would help in distressing your eyes giving them a relaxed effect)

3. Raw Milk (Known for its anti-tan properties, milk has always come handy in getting rid of dark circles around eyes)

4. Rose water (For the relaxation it provides to tired eyes)

5. Round Cotton Pads

6. Grater

To make the Eye Pads:

Step1: Grate about a teaspoon full of carrot in a bowl


Step2: Now, add about some grated cucumber to the carrot.


Step3: To this mixture, ass about a teaspoon full of raw milk (unheated).


Step4: Now, add a teaspoon full of rose water to this.


Step5: Now let this mixture rest for about 20 minutes to let the carrot and cucumber soak properly in the milk and rose water mixture.


Step6: Now, squeeze out the carrot and cucumber pulp and take the juice in a separate bowl.


Step7: Now, take the cotton pads and separate the two sheets of cotton, and spread a thin layer of the pulp on to one side of the cotton.


Step8: Now take about a teaspoon of the juice extract and spread it over the thin layer.


Now, finally make a sandwich by closing the thin layer sheet with its other cotton sheet.
You have homemade eye pads ready with all the goodness of natural ingredients which will not only relax your eyes but will also deal with the dark circles and the dullness of your eyes.

I hope you enjoy this easy-to-make self-care treat and remember you are worth it! Self-care is mental health care.



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