Overview of the ALIKE App-The First Place To Go For Chronic Illnesses

Lauren Schiffman from ALIKE contacted me to ask if I would share an overview of the app with my chronic illness community. Of course, I said yes, the more resources the better.

How ALIKE Works

ALIKE is a free app where you upload your medical information and it searches its databases to match people with like illnesses, lifestyles, age, gender, and more and shows you what treatments they have had and what medication/s they are on.

Alike prides itself on its privacy and safety measures and has implemented de-identification measures, verification, data encryption, data fuzzing, device security, and penetration testing to ensure that all of Alike’s users are protected.

Your Privacy Is Our Number One Concern

Without confidence in the privacy of your data, nothing else matters. That’s why we take a completely different, innovative approach when it comes to privacy. We know that the privacy of your medical records is paramount which is why we keep them in a de-identified manner without any trace of your personal identity.  Learn more about your privacy here.

Compare your way to better health.

Meet your Alikes and discover treatments you may be missing from those who are medically close to you.   

Why Alike is only possible now

The time has come! The untapped power of data and the information revolution as a whole has finally reached the world of healthcare.  

A new regulation was introduced that makes it possible for everyone to gain instant electronic access to their personal health records, making personalized, digital healthcare more accessible than ever before.  

This trend, coupled with advances in data science and artificial intelligence allow us to derive an Alikeness™ score from your medical records.

Your score – and the score of others – becomes the basis of our ability to match precisely to your medical Alikes.

Hear from two of the co-founders of ALIKE?

Prof. Varda Shalev Chief Medical Officer

‍Professor Prof. Varda Shalev, MD MPH, was the director of the institute of research and innovation KSM –Maccabitech. She is an active primary care physician. With an MD degree from Ben-Gurion University Medical School and postdoc in medical informatics at Johns Hopkins, she founded the first medical informatics in Israel. Prof. Shalev is a Professor at the Tel Aviv University School of Public Health. She has authored or co-authored over 250 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Varda, what would you say your life mantra is?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller

What would you say was the “ah-ha” moment of revelation that led you to found Alike?

After many years of being a family physician and many years of developing decision support systems for physicians, I understood that the only way to optimize health is to empower the patient and to provide patients with knowledge from data and from people like them. 

What does Alike solve?

Patients feel that they need more personalized knowledge about their health status on a holistic level. Patients are unique and cannot be defined by their conditions. Patients are people and people are a mix of complex characteristics, lifestyle factors, habits, and medical conditions. They can gain so much from data of “Alike” patients that we, as physicians, cannot provide them…

What is our biggest healthcare challenge?

To make the patient a proactive, knowledgeable, and engaged member of his or her healthcare team.

Amnon Bar-Lev CEO

Amnon Bar-Lev, Founder and CEO of Alike, is a skilled entrepreneur and passionate healthcare advocate who returned to pursue graduate studies at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University after 25+ years of experience in technology leadership roles including his esteemed position as the former President of Check Point, a $15B publicly traded technology company, where he grew revenue from $500M to $2B over his 12-year tenure.

What would you say was the “ah-ha” moment of revelation that led you to found Alike?

When I learned that only about 30% of meds provided for diseases are appropriate for their target patients and I understood how anachronistic the world of healthcare is, and how much can be improved by thoughtfully implementing patient similarity networks into the mix.  

What does Alike solve?

Alike dispels uncertainty in health management and chronic conditions. 

What is our biggest healthcare challenge?

We are all alike but also very different from each other. The ability to gain information that’s personally right and relevant to me is a huge challenge that must be solved through personalized health care solutions.

Please check out ALIKE and find others who share the same illnesses and demographics to see if you can learn from their medical treatment path. Knowledge is POWER.


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