Fibromyalgia Thoughts #9 Flair or Something Else?

I wrote Fibromyalgia Thoughts #8 not long ago, boy, I’ve learned a few things since then. My Fibro is not doing well at all, in fact, I’ve lived in a state of flairs for a couple of years and I didn’t know it was Fibro. I thought it must be something else. 

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Don’t assume it’s Fibromyalgia or not Fibromyalgia

I’ve spent the past couple of years having leg spasms and cramps. It’s been progressive so I started tracking the symptoms for my new Rheumatologist appointment. I didn’t think once it has Fibromyalgia. It only started within the last couple of years, not when diagnosed in 2015 and it started with one symptom to many and more painful.

Communications/Drawing Boundaries

A minute or two into the conversation with my new Rheumatologist she said only one person was allowed in the treatment room. She didn’t give Covid reasons she jumped right into the reasons someone could stay. What the hell? I take my husband to all of my appointments, for all medical conditions unless for labs. 

She listed “a person who needs help remembering or comprehending what is said”. As one of the reasons it was approved, I said I have Dementia. She then challenged me to whether or not I took medication for it. She was so out of line! As a matter of fact, I take two.   

If your doctor doesn’t want someone in the room, don’t back down, unless a Covid restriction. You can simply say I have problems with memory and need a note taker. Don’t let them drive your support out of the room.

Call a week before your appointment to say you’re bringing your partner and what are the Covid restrictions. I would call again a day before in case something has changed.

If you are not allowed to have someone in the room, I would ask them to explain the situation to the doctor and see if you can record the meeting. If not and you’re not in a pressing need, you might consider rescheduling for another time.  

Rheumatologist Appointment 

I want to say, outside of her wanting my husband to step outside and not reviewing the labs with me, I liked her.

She reviewed my

Medical history

Reviewed the list of symptoms I wrote

Made a few suggestions

Spent time reviewing past CT scans that she could access 

Did a thorough physical exam

Ordered a comprehensive list of labs

Gave me her thoughts on what was going on minus what labs might say. She felt that unless the labs reveal something different I would likely not need to follow up with her. For that reason, she would not write me an RX for Gabbapenton and told me to contact my general doctor. 

She gave me plenty of times to ask questions, she reiterated a few items and I left thinking it was a good appointment. 


I have to say that there were a couple new diagnoses that she didn’t discuss with me. The only thing the office reviewed with me was that I needed to contact my Immunologist and my kidney function was low. 

She said the leg spasms and cramps were from Fibromyalgia.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had forgotten that diagnosis in 2015 from my Lyme doctor. 


Low Kidney function

Low Iron and Calcium

My hips were bone on bone, the reason I was in so much pain and would need both replaced in the future. 

Even though I did not have an athletic background, my joints were hurting due to wear and tear at 59 years old. Seems too early for me. 

I’ve taken a few steps since the meeting and will write in my Health Update. 



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