How To Help Your Teenager Cope With Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious is a normal human reaction to situations that make you uncomfortable or worried. This is usually portrayed physically through sweating or even nausea. However, anxiety becomes a problem when it is overwhelming or unmanageable. This is known as a mental health illness, or anxiety disorder. Today, anxiety disorder is an illness that affects all ages, especially teenagers. As concerned and loving parents, seeing your child experience such challenges may be disheartening, and you want to help them pull through. Fortunately, there are little yet effective steps you can take to help your teen pull through this problem. Here are a few ways to help your child cope with anxiety disorder.

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Create a safe space

You must create the space for such conversations to give your child the help they need. Naturally, teenagers become more secretive and less open as they get older. Although this may not be an issue, it can hinder your efforts to help them. Consider creating a safe space that allows your child to trust you and have open conversations with you. Encourage them to talk about their anxieties and listen to them attentively and actively. To further build trust, acknowledge their feelings as valid, and give them the reassurance they need. 

Practice mindfulness

The hustle and bustle of life can make it all too strenuous and stressful. No matter where you turn, there’s always something to be worried about! Your teenage child may be feeling the same. From juggling school work with social relationships, trying to achieve their dreams, and navigating the journey of adolescence, many factors may trigger anxiety in your child. Practicing mindfulness is a great and quick way to cope with these anxiety pangs. Mindful practices such as breathing exercises and yoga can help them relax during anxiety-inducing circumstances. You can also try the accepts dbt approach, which helps distract them from triggers.

Take it one baby step at a time

Being constantly worried and afraid can make it quite difficult to live a fulfilling life. This is usually the case for anxious teenagers. They are easily overwhelmed, which makes them less open to taking advantage of opportunities that come their way. You can help them manage these feelings by setting doable and smaller tasks and goals. For instance, instead of setting the goal of going to a party, you can encourage them to sit by a friend during lunchtime. Or going to watch a movie with a friend. Setting these goals makes it less intimidating and more achievable. You should also encourage positive self-talk and acknowledge their bravery by praising them for going out of their comfort zone and beating the challenges of this disorder.

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Contact a professional

The best way to ensure your child gets the help they need is by scheduling an appointment with a professional. Mental health professionals such as psychologists are knowledgeable about this illness and can offer the best treatment options to ensure this condition is well-managed. Therefore, be sure to find a professional with experience in dealing with anxiety disorders in children. You can do this through a quick internet search or recommendations from trusted family and friends.

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