Review Of Vital Field’s Energy Frequencell

I want to send a special thanks to Communications Director Nassia Bitha for sending me a host of Vital Field Frequencells to try. Right now I’m wearing the Energy Frequencell and I’m excited to tell you about it. 

It works!

This post contains affiliate links, they don’t cost you more, and it funds my coffee habit. 

About the Energy Frequencell

Many things can make us feel tired, weak, even lethargic, in everyday life. In order to regain full vitality, it is important to enhance our own natural energy levels.

The Energy Boost Cell supports you in recharging your own body’s energy battery by accelerating cell regeneration.

The Energy Boost Cell targets:

  • burnout
  • general lack of energy
  • faster regeneration after exercise
  • exam exhaustion
  • emotional exhaustion at work

About Vital Field

Vitalfield has collaborated extensively with expert scientists and healthcare practitioners in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with a focus on biophysical and frequency medicine applications. Until early 2018, most of the technology in this field involved significant investments and training before it could be utilized in clinical environments.

Our mission is to help people achieve good health and a pain-free life with safe, natural, non-invasive and non-chemical methods. Frequencell Inc. (a Delaware corporation based out of Los Angeles, USA) provides treatments for health and chronic pain, based on the results of over 30 years of scientific research, development and clinical trials.


I started wearing the Energy Frequencell from Vital Field on 9/11/22 and have not taken a nap in four days. That may not sound like much however I haven’t had a day without a nap in ages. Normally I nap from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm pretty much every day but not this week. 

This is a huge improvement, I’m not sleepy and I get much better sleep at night. Today I was so asleep I didn’t hear my husband’s alarm. That’s unheard of and I’m sleeping thru the night.

The result is outstanding right off the bat and can safely say this it’s a winner! A must-buy if having the energy to do your daily challenge.

I’ve done several reviews for Vital Field products and have not been disappointed yet. 

You can find more information on all Frequencells here

Use discount code LIGHT20 for 20% off any Vital Field product.

To your health


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