My Bucket List


Having a Chronic Illness has given me time to reflect on life’s blessings. To stay motivated, I think of a bright future. Travel locations and adventures left to do.

I want to keep expanding my mind.

Helping people, animals and the environment are my core beliefs.

I will live a full life expanding my soul and supporting others.


Drive again

Watch artist handcraft a Turkish rug

Learn to double jump rope

Roller Derby

See a grown Hela Monster

Watch baby turtles hatch and return to the sea

Drive Hover Craft

Tango Lessons

Drive Monster Truck

Drive 18 Wheeler

Train and Volunteer to rescue wild animals

Improve Photography skills

Finish Family Tree

I had a panic attack while scuba diving in 1999. I have to dive again to tackle the fear

Visit the worlds Wineries, extra long stay in France

Ride a horse again

Volunteer for RAINN as Advocate Speaker for Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse

Watch the Caribou migrate

Go to Jordan


Walk a mile

Hold a Koala Bear

See Tasmania Devil

Bee Keeper

Walk in Jesus’s Foot Steps

Hear a service by the Pope

Ride in Helicopter over Grand Cayon

What’s on your list? I would love to hear your travel stories, adventure vacations. Where is life taking you? 

Xx  Melinda

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