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Gramps My Hero

Thank you Gramps for fighting the good fight, having your teams back and making it home. So glad I had the chance to met you. I Love You.  Melinda  


Special Times to Fly Your American Flag

Honor Our Flag is written with the assistance of the National Flag Foundation to ensure accuracy of the content. These are special days beyond flying everyday. There are a few surprises and questions.  M New Years Day, January 1 Martin Luther King’s Birthday, (third Monday in January) Inauguration Day, January 20th Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12th Washing’s Birthday, February 22nd Presidents Day, (third Monday in February) … Read More Special Times to Fly Your American Flag


Honor Thy Flag, How to Fly Flag Properly

I hope many of you are flying your flags high and proudly. Celebrating with friends of family or visiting the grave of a loved one. I bought this little book years are for my husband. Frankly, I didn’t know flying a flag had rules. I’m only going to share a glimpse of the book. To show respect for the flag don’t let it touch … Read More Honor Thy Flag, How to Fly Flag Properly


How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things

National Public Radio February 18, 20186:11 AM ET CORY TURNER Twitter Look up from this screen right now. Take a look around. On a bus. In a cafe. Even at a stoplight. Chances are, most of the other people in your line of sight are staring at their phones or other devices. And if they don’t happen to have one out, it is certainly … Read More How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things


See Charity Navigator Before You Donate

Charity Navigator will guide you to Charities who are physically responsible. The information provided is enough to make a sound decision on how much of your donation will go to people supported by the Charity. It was and eye opener when I started researching charities to support, some were spending 85% on the CEO salary and administrative cost. Your money is not going very … Read More See Charity Navigator Before You Donate


Opioid Patients Beware: Caremark/CVS Has “God Complex”

Earlier in the year CVS changed it’s prescription policy, certain drugs could only be refilled two days before the prescription ran out. Patients were not informed nor is a list of drugs available, at my location. This second change is huge! If you have a Chronic illness, addicted to Opioids with limited access to transpiration you’re life drastically changes February 1, 2018. This isn’t about … Read More Opioid Patients Beware: Caremark/CVS Has “God Complex”

+ Petition: Equifax Breach IMPORTANT PETITION   Regardless of where or when a data breach occurs, it leaves people feeling powerless and helpless; confused and angry.  The ITRC has been tracking data breaches for more than a decadeand we hear from the victims of these breaches on a near-daily basis. Breaches of really sensitive personal information like social security numbers are nothing new, but the sheer size … Read More Petition: Equifax Breach


Lesbian Couple Takes Pulpit at Historic Baptist Church

Lesbian Couple Takes Pulpit at Historic Baptist Church Posted on April 13, 2017 by Universal Life Church Monastery A historic Washington D.C. church has taken a gigantic step by appointing its first lesbian couple to partner-lead the congregation. The Calvary Baptist Church will now be led by Sally Sarratt and Maria Swearingen, two women who are bringing an entirely new image to the pulpit. … Read More Lesbian Couple Takes Pulpit at Historic Baptist Church


Why are Books Banned or Burned?

At the end of September, libraries and bookstores everywhere will be celebrating “Banned Books Week.” This got us thinking: why do people ban books (or, in extreme cases, burn them)? Literature is such a fundamental part of human life, and yet time and time again throughout history there have been concerted efforts to suppress or destroy certain books. These days, when we talk about … Read More Why are Books Banned or Burned?


Free Style Friday: Yosemite National Park

Taken by your’s truly.  M

Keep Students Safe From Sexual Assault & Enforce Title IV Petition   Ask Betsy DeVos to keep students safe and enforce Title IX This petition will be delivered to: U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Senator Lamar Alexander The current Administration is planning to weaken the enforcement of Title IX, a move that would be devastating for students especially those who are LGBT and of color. Survivors and our allies across the country are … Read More Keep Students Safe From Sexual Assault & Enforce Title IV

Support Parents Efforts to Save Baby *Let Parents Decide on Critical Illness, Not Judge*

This family is having their most difficult times spread across the news. The British government has ruled in favor of the hospital to keep baby on life support and not allow parents to come to America for an experimental drug. I think it’s a sad day when government over rides parents in the welfare of their baby. People are so supportive of the family, … Read More Support Parents Efforts to Save Baby *Let Parents Decide on Critical Illness, Not Judge*

Get Ready for Michael Jackson

My best girlfriend and I practiced hard on dance moves, it was so funny. Get ready for a The one and only Micheal Jackson,”Boogie..or Dance the Night Away” M

CDC Provides School Violence Resources

A Division of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Injury Prevention & Control : Division of Violence Prevention Published August 2016 Resource links updated August 2016 Edwin R. Gerler, Ed.D., North Carolina State University In the United States, an estimated 50 million students are enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Another 15 million students attend colleges and universities across the country. While U.S. … Read More CDC Provides School Violence Resources

Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite

  Wapama Falls (1,400 feet) Flows: all year, with peak flow in May. Relatively few people visit Hetch Hetchy Valley to see this roaring waterfall. In some springs, the water from this fall flows over the footbridges near its base. You can see this waterfall from the parking lot at O’Shaughnessy Dam or you can hike on an uneven trail to near its base … Read More Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite

Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

Gramps loved playing scratch off Lottery Tickets. Looking at photo, this was shortly after Granny died. Emotions sent me to the highest high, I saw the smallest smile. He loved my Granny until the end. Gramps grew up in a time, large parts of the USA where out of work and hungry. Focusing on making money or food for a meal. Gramps mother had … Read More Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*

Nevada Falls & Vernal Fall Yosemite National Park

Classified as one of the Strenuous Hikes. I had the pleasure, sweating, beyond thirsty and pain of hiking Nevada Falls and Verna Falls. Vernal Falls is the highest and the longest hike for me. It’s brutal. Suggestion: Lightweight weight clothes and hat covers back neck, Hiking gloves, walking stick, broken-in hiking boots, and carry as much water as you can. Conserve. Very few amenities … Read More Nevada Falls & Vernal Fall Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park: Half Dome

  Wild Wild West by Melinda The summit of Half Dome is a dangerous place during a lightning storm. Check the weather forecast before your hike and try to reach the summit early in the day to avoid thunderstorms, which are more common in the afternoon (but can occur at any time). If a storm appears nearby, do not continue to the summit … Read More Yosemite National Park: Half Dome

Our Fore Fathers Vision Built America Home of the Free

Texas Senator John Cornyn: ISIS Must Be Stopped

Share your thoughts with Senator John Cornyn at Contact him whether you live in Texas or not. He is a Senior lawmaker and serves the lead on several committees. THE LONESTAR WEEKLY This week we mourn the victims of the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando and their families and friends, and express our appreciation for the first responders who bravely responded to this tragedy. … Read More Texas Senator John Cornyn: ISIS Must Be Stopped

Sebastian Junger: Our society Makes It Hard To Come Home From War

TED Talk presents Sebastian Junger. Do you agree or send the topic packing. Be sure to leave your comments on the post. Xx  M

Thank all who served and their families this Memorial Day

Have a blessed day, hopefully surrounded by family and friends. Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Words To Live By*

I met with the Lyme Doctor on Monday, arriving home yesterday emotionally and physically drained. I knew music would lift my spirit. The videos are special to me for the message. I’m blessed even when it sounds differently. Thank you for bringing sunshine with your comments.               RIP Merle Haggard.    Xx  M


      More than intelligence or persistent or connections, Curiosity has allow me to live the life I wanted. Brian Grazer XxM

To Mr or Ms President: It’s Time To Deliver

Xx  M

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