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Please visit my blog “For the Love of Art”

I have started a new blog I believe art is art if you think it’s art. Today I posted is an interview with Cindy Knoke at She’s a great photographer, I hope you will stop by. Please leave any comments about the site. The good, bad and ugly, your comments will help me form the site. Melinda

Triple Shot Thursday *Phil, U2, Whitney* Can’t Miss!

The request line produced three great videos. Pick up request line and let your tune be heard. Leave request in comment section of post. I love to spin for you. Have a great weekend.  M  U2 Awesome version of filming video for “The Streets Have No Name” in CA

Triple Shot Thursday *Jackson 5, Micheal & Prince* WOW!

Enjoy the oldies! Have a great weekend. Melinda      


Love Hard, Love Wide, Love Long

  No matter where life takes you…the place where you stand at any moment is holy ground. Love hard and wide and love long, and you will find the goodness in it. Susan Vreeland  Lisette’s List

 Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin :)

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge I’ve known Gavin from years of blogging and helping each other. Blogging with Gavin is a dream. He works continually to improve his skills as a Photographer. Go check out his Blog, Treat yourself by visiting the Galleries where his work shown. Glancing at Australian Vacation photos, I immediately thought of Gavin. Showing my photos of Sydney … Read More  Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin 🙂

I Want A Story of My Life

Dedicated to S One life long friend I can turn to in good and bad times. I’m hurting, I’m sharing my pain with you. Music always fills me, Harry must be my healer today. To funny!! I know, you know, I know?  What do you know, I don’t know? Xx  Melinda

Throw Back Thursday *Oldies Worth Remembering*

Have a great weekend. When I heard the songs as a teenager, I hade no idea what they were talking about. HAHA! Have a great Friday, don’t forget sunscreen.  Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *I’m late, you should see my laptop*

I started at 8:30pm deciding on video’s. After years of enjoyment, YouTube and VeVo are enforcing copyright laws. Somebody has an answer, please leave a comment or email The Shania Twain video is an example, of the the copyright screen. I stopped at 1:00am, way past bedtime. I’m praying for progress today. Here’s a snack while I work on desert. Xx  M   … Read More Throw Back Thursday *I’m late, you should see my laptop*


  “To me EVERY HOUR of the light and dark IS A MIRACLE, Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Walt Whitman -Miracles – Xx  M

Dedicated To My Dearest Australian Friend Gavin

GAVIN THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND Gavin and I met thru the blogosphere on 3/31/14. He is truly amazing with a camera and only started in 2009. He can take everyday objects and present in different perspective.  He started in color than feel in love with black and white and the rest they say is history. I am amazed at what we can … Read More Dedicated To My Dearest Australian Friend Gavin

Thank you for being the best friends * You bring joy to my life*

There’s nothing like listening to the music of flowing water. One of the joys in my life.I wish you a great weekend filled with peacefulness and time to your self to unwind from week. Thank each of you for reading or following me. M  

Have a sun filled day with sunshine in your heart

The Beauty In My Back Yard Dedicated to Twin, Hugs.

Me Siento Eres Whisper

I feel your whisper XO Melinda   Excuse if wrong translation. 

Throw Back Thursday *Let's Pump It Up*

Have a weekend filled with love….time for those you love.    XO  M Photo by Graphic Stock

Sanskrit Blessing *Live..Love..Life * Thanks to Randstein

Randstein graciously took an idea for a tattoo and created a beautiful piece of art. Due to Lyme disease, the tattoo will have to wait. I plan to use as art on my site until then. Thank you my friend, D XO  Melinda

Mother Nature Is All Around *Stop to Smell the Roses*

The wonder of my backyard. My roses are a joy. I’m counting the days to see my ladybugs again.  XO  Melinda  

It's my sixth anniversary on WordPress *Get out the streamers*

I received a reminder from WordPress today, it’s my 6th year anniversary! Wow, time fly’s when having fun or not. I’ve written 303 post on Looking for the Light, in less than two years. I must have a lot to say. I had several blogs before starting Looking for the Light. The greatest reward of blogging is the people I meet daily and hearing … Read More It's my sixth anniversary on WordPress *Get out the streamers*

Warhol Wall…Sharing my love of art

  Warhol Wall in my office I have two rooms covered floor to ceiling in art. Next I’ll have to move to stairs. Art makes my life brighter and learning about artist is interesting. Very few pieces are expensive originals, no need with so many emerging artist.  XO  Warrior

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