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Through the child welfare kaleidoscope: A Therapist view

By Sheri Pickover and Heather Brown June 27, 2017 The amazing feature about kaleidoscopes is the endless, ever-changing scenes and complex patterns they reveal to anyone who takes the time to look. The gentlest of rotations invites a new and oftentimes completely different perspective on the same set of colorful shapes. Working with children, adults and families involved in the child welfare system is … Read More Through the child welfare kaleidoscope: A Therapist view


Why kids and teens may face more anxiety far more these days

  By Amy Ellis Nutt Washington Post May 10 When it comes to treating anxiety in children and teens, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the bane of therapists’ work. “With (social media), it’s all about the self-image — who’s ‘liking’ them, who’s watching them, who clicked on their picture,” said Marco Grados, associate professor of psychiatry and clinical director of child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns … Read More Why kids and teens may face more anxiety far more these days


How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things

National Public Radio February 18, 20186:11 AM ET CORY TURNER Twitter Look up from this screen right now. Take a look around. On a bus. In a cafe. Even at a stoplight. Chances are, most of the other people in your line of sight are staring at their phones or other devices. And if they don’t happen to have one out, it is certainly … Read More How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things

+ First Million Projects is an awesome Charity that supports teachers projects. Bill & Melinda Gates often provide matching funds for projects. Please check out their website, the accomplishment of a MILLION teacher projects funded is mind-blowing. I personally  give to underserved with Learning Disabilities. You pick a project that tugs on your heart. Today only all funds are matched, great chance to spread the funds. M … Read More First Million Projects


RAINN: Danyol’s Story

RAPE, ABUSE, INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK 800.656.HOPE (4673) LIVE CHAT “I just want people to know that they don’t have to be afraid of their truth. Your truth is important, your truth is needed.”  Danyol Jaye was sexually abused and raped repeatedly by his older cousin between the ages of 7 and 10. The cousin enabled multiple perpetrator sexual assault when he locked Danyol in … Read More RAINN: Danyol’s Story Restore the Rights to Rape Victims Impeach Judge Gregory S. Ross and restore the rights to rape victims.  Christopher Mirasolo, 27, was convicted of raping a 12 year old girl and two other girls, 13 and 15 in 2008. Mirasolo was sentenced to one year in the county jail but only served six and a half months before early release to care for his sick mother. In March 2010 Mirasolo … Read More Restore the Rights to Rape Victims


Children’s Bureau: Law and Policies

Laws & Policies Listen The Children’s Bureau provides guidance to states, tribes, child welfare agencies, and more on the complex and varied federal laws as they relate to child welfare. What’s New in Laws & Policies This page provides resources and information about new federal legislation, regulations, and Children’s Bureau policies. Child Welfare Policy Manual The Child Welfare Policy Manual contains mandatory policies that … Read More Children’s Bureau: Law and Policies


7 Smart Ways To Use Technology In Classrooms Sep 13, 2017 / Hailey Reissman Elementary school teacher Kayla Delzer’s students tweet, post on Instagram and watch YouTube in class. Here’s why she thinks all kids should do the same. Many schools and teachers have an uneasy relationship with technology: they decry its power to distract young people but see it as a necessary evil to be tolerated, or at least strictly … Read More 7 Smart Ways To Use Technology In Classrooms

Male Child Sexual Abuse and Homosexual Confusion

Blogging started as a coping mechanism to grieve my Granny. Spending years writing about how my grandparents unconditional love saved me from myself. Before long my post centered more around my traumatic background, it was seamless not a conscious decision. I have learned everyone’s trauma is different, even when they appear the same. I knew nothing of men’s sexual abuse. Five years ago I met … Read More Male Child Sexual Abuse and Homosexual Confusion

Support Parents Efforts to Save Baby *Let Parents Decide on Critical Illness, Not Judge*

This family is having their most difficult times spread across the news. The British government has ruled in favor of the hospital to keep baby on life support and not allow parents to come to America for an experimental drug. I think it’s a sad day when government over rides parents in the welfare of their baby. People are so supportive of the family, … Read More Support Parents Efforts to Save Baby *Let Parents Decide on Critical Illness, Not Judge*

The best possible thing you can do to help your child through your divorce

Most kids will suffer for a short time after a marriage ends, but what exacerbates and extends their stress and anxiety is when they feel torn between two parents, says communication researcher Tamara Afifi. Fifteen years ago, I was doing field research for one of my first studies on divorce (TEDxUCSB Talk: The impact of divorce on children) and I experienced a moment that … Read More The best possible thing you can do to help your child through your divorce

Howard school staff, mental health experts weigh in on suicide depiction in Netflix series

Andrew Michaels Contact Reporter Howard County Times The Netflix hit series “13 Reasons Why” has the Howard County school system, and schools in neighboring counties, warning parents about the show’s graphic depictions of teen suicide, rape and bullying. At the same time, many are saying the show opens a doorway into conversations on suicide and other “uncomfortable” topics. The streaming service’s show caught viewer attention nationwide … Read More Howard school staff, mental health experts weigh in on suicide depiction in Netflix series

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Toolbox

The Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Toolbox offers free interactive planning tools, guides, videos, and other resources to support IECMHC efforts in your state, tribe, or community. M

Get Ready for Michael Jackson

My best girlfriend and I practiced hard on dance moves, it was so funny. Get ready for a The one and only Micheal Jackson,”Boogie..or Dance the Night Away” M

Ketamine? *Cure for Depression* ?

The Mental Health Community is preparing for additional Clinical Trails on Ketamine in hopes of finding a cure for Mental Illness. If Ketamine isn’t a cure, I’ll welcome a leap forward in medication management.   Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Gwen,Gwen, more Gwen.

Hope everyone received a surprise on your list. I received great feedback on providing more information in the future. I can probably do a few artist but it’s a small list. side you might not know to continue the Artist played here in Thursday. Have a great weekend, some areas are getting snow.    

CDC Provides School Violence Resources

A Division of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Injury Prevention & Control : Division of Violence Prevention Published August 2016 Resource links updated August 2016 Edwin R. Gerler, Ed.D., North Carolina State University In the United States, an estimated 50 million students are enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Another 15 million students attend colleges and universities across the country. While U.S. … Read More CDC Provides School Violence Resources

Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite

  Wapama Falls (1,400 feet) Flows: all year, with peak flow in May. Relatively few people visit Hetch Hetchy Valley to see this roaring waterfall. In some springs, the water from this fall flows over the footbridges near its base. You can see this waterfall from the parking lot at O’Shaughnessy Dam or you can hike on an uneven trail to near its base … Read More Wapama Falls on Hetch Hetchy Trail, Yosemite

 Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin :)

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge I’ve known Gavin from years of blogging and helping each other. Blogging with Gavin is a dream. He works continually to improve his skills as a Photographer. Go check out his Blog, Treat yourself by visiting the Galleries where his work shown. Glancing at Australian Vacation photos, I immediately thought of Gavin. Showing my photos of Sydney … Read More  Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin 🙂

Enviar oraciones a tres de Michael Buble su viejo Noah está luchando contra el cáncer

Por favor disculpa mi traducción al español, yo hablo sólo inglés. Ver el amor de su familia. Ver gernerious y divertido sentido del humor. Podemos rezar y encender velas para mostrar nuestro amor y deseo una rápida de recuperación rápida para Noé. Dios dará la familia alrededor de la familia. Dios bendiga a Melinda

Sending Prayers to Noah Buble, Micheal Buble, all Family members.

For Micheal Buble nothing is more important than his family. This week it was announced, three year old Noah, was diagnosed with cancer. I send prayers of love for you and family. I pray for Noah’s strength, courage, know your parents are always at your side. God take the Buble’s family, please help the  family fight through a very difficult time. Give the parents … Read More Sending Prayers to Noah Buble, Micheal Buble, all Family members.

Conversation: Autism and Bullying

Our friendship began on Twitter, She’s a lovely women. We talked most days about James Bay, she helped James while he was on tour. We are both addicted to JB!  We always had videos or photos to share. Her son was beaten terribly by another Autistic boy in his class. It was heart breaking to hear the school didn’t even call her. She found out … Read More Conversation: Autism and Bullying

Take Opiates? With Benzodiazepines? New Black Box Warning

The FDA announced a Black Box Warnings for Opiates and Benzodiazepines medications taken together. BLACK BOX WARNINGS are the highest warning the FDA issues on medication. I was surprised by the number of each I take daily. Call your doctor for updated prescribing information. Subscribe to the Weekly Digest for up to the minute information. FDA MedWatch – Opioid Pain or Cough Medicines Combined With Benzodiazepines: … Read More Take Opiates? With Benzodiazepines? New Black Box Warning

Throw Back Thursday * Love, pain and missing*

The holidays always bring thoughts of my grandparents, home movies, fire crackers, dressing up for Easter Sunday then hunt till the last egg. We all experience loss in our life, I pray you have a solid support system. Xx  M    

TED Talks: 10 Video Playlist on Autism Spectrum

I love Ted Talks, any subject, any time, presentations less than 20 minutes long. If you have an interest in the Autism Spectrum one or many presentations may answer your questions. You can search their mass library at Sign up it’s free. Xx  M

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