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Where’s Waldo? In the Reblog Button

Can anyone else reblog? I have not been able to since last night. I looks to me like a lack of communication between WordPress and WordPress where the programmers report into. When programming changes are made the Reblog button is the first to go, last time it was for a week. If this happens on a regular basis you would think an easy fix … Read More Where’s Waldo? In the Reblog Button


Where’s Waldo, Where’s The Reblog Button?

After chatting with WordPress Support about the Reblog button not working, I learn they already know and no completion date is given. From my own experience not everyone is effected. Here’s a link I was given to show tracking process. I asked if the link included a completion date I received no answer. We are tracking it here: WP.comTue, Feb 20, 9:00 PM … Read More Where’s Waldo, Where’s The Reblog Button?

“Your Song” Blog Party! *Everyone is Welcome*

Bad Company has been a favorite since a teenager, it’s no surprise they are my favorite band. Before I play a video, there is a story connected. I went to see Bad Company in my twenty’s, during the show I kept hearing they were going to the Hard Rock Cafe (back when it was cool). After the show I went straight to Hard Rock. I ate … Read More “Your Song” Blog Party! *Everyone is Welcome*


RAINN: Stalking Awareness Month

  Stalking When you learn more about stalking behaviors, you’re more likely to notice them before they escalate, and you can take steps to protect yourself. If you discover you are being stalked—either in-person, online, or via technology—it can be unsettling and even dangerous. Consider taking steps to protect yourself or involve an authority figure who can help you. What is stalking? “Stalking is a pattern … Read More RAINN: Stalking Awareness Month

Celebrate with Me, Yesterday I…..

Most know I have Chronic Lyme Diseases, ill for several years and still house bound. I didn’t realize until recently I had developed Agoraphobia created an additional challenge getting behind the wheel. Lyme Diseases left me with early onset of Dementia, my balance is not the best and remembering is my biggest challenge. I’m taking medicine for Dementia and have seen improvement. I had to overcome … Read More Celebrate with Me, Yesterday I…..

Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban

May 01, 2017 Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban The Supreme Court today left standing a lower court decision that the conversion therapy ban in California is legal.  By declining to consider that case, the Court allowed the state ban to stay on the books, and by extension, the bans in five other states as well.  The lead plaintiff, an ordained … Read More Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Conversion Therapy Ban

Memories: I Was Stalked For Six Years

My first business trip, I’m 24 years old and clueless. The company was celebrating a milestone. Once bored around 20 of us found a bar and settled in. This is time for a stalker, large groups of people, and pick your target. First he sent me a dozen white roses every day. I was young and naive about stalking. I assumed he had money. … Read More Memories: I Was Stalked For Six Years

Nevada Falls & Vernal Fall Yosemite National Park

Classified as one of the Strenuous Hikes. I had the pleasure, sweating, beyond thirsty and pain of hiking Nevada Falls and Verna Falls. Vernal Falls is the highest and the longest hike for me. It’s brutal. Suggestion: Lightweight weight clothes and hat covers back neck, Hiking gloves, walking stick, broken-in hiking boots, and carry as much water as you can. Conserve. Very few amenities … Read More Nevada Falls & Vernal Fall Yosemite National Park

Withdraw: The Scattered Mind

Xanax is an anchor drug in my medication combo for treating Anxiety/Bipolar Disorder. I’ve taken Xanax for 15 years, it works miracles in keeping me grounded. Working quickly is an advantage with little to no side effects, EXCEPT ADDICTION. The downside side is addiction happens quickly after starting. For me withdraw starts on second day, by fourth day I look like a street addict … Read More Withdraw: The Scattered Mind

Withdraw, Now What.

Here are the two best prayers I know: Help me, help me, help me and Thank you, thank you, thank you.   Anne Lamott I have two weeks of living to share with you. When the drugs are back in your system it takes several weeks to peak. Withdraw is on the been there & done that list. The psychological pain will linger longer … Read More Withdraw, Now What.

Monday Again?

Happy Monday! I’m in recovery, feeling better, dying to write about and I’ll be back in a few days. Xx  M

A Shimmer of Light

  A shimmer of light Eyes filled with tears Light is closer I’m at complete peace God what do you want from me I have no special skill Is light a miracle from high above Trapped in darkness, I hear keys Thoughts no chains Falling to ground weeping Is the light a sign of better days How can it be, you choose me There’s … Read More A Shimmer of Light

Want to Join Me for Dinner? I made your favorite!

Lyme Update #16 *Lyme Winning–Me, blew a gasket and leaking oil

Let’s Talk Lyme Last update, we talked about IV Therapy as a treatment option for Chronic Lyme Disease. IV Therapy is one type of medicine to help you heal. I also take a close to 20 prescriptions and who knows how many supplements. Insurance doesn’t pay for the IV Therapy which is quite common. To ask a question thru the patient Portal it’s $45 … Read More Lyme Update #16 *Lyme Winning–Me, blew a gasket and leaking oil

Lyme: Falling Hazards for the Fearless.

Growing up with four bothers, I was a fearless tomboy. At 12 years old I was crowned with braces. After a few pops in the mouth my football career was over. Good childhood memories. Chronic Lyme Diseases affects everyone different, my parasites settled  into my brain. The first sign was the lack of balance. Think about the walk taken after getting pulling over for … Read More Lyme: Falling Hazards for the Fearless.

Awesome Clouds Sunday Morning, Face Plant by evening *Trying to save Earthworm*

    MOST BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS, STORM MOVING IN FALL HAPPENED ON BRICK STEPS. I WAS TRYING TO SAVE AN EARTHWORM. OUCH! Damage to forehead, black eye, scrapes and stabed myself with Landscape light. So glad it was plastic. It tore thru two shirts. My entire for head turned black. I will include this photo in Falling section. Sometimes, it’s better not to follow me. … Read More Awesome Clouds Sunday Morning, Face Plant by evening *Trying to save Earthworm*

Dear Mr Fantasy

My fantasy about life with High School boyfriend started the day we met. Our relationship was on and off until my late 30’s. He had to marry me, then go back to wife. The last time we talked, he was moving out, filed for divorce, leased an apartment, later started to move in with me. I should include, I bought the ring $12,500, he … Read More Dear Mr Fantasy

Keep Looking For The Prize In The Cracker Jack Box

I wanted to say how much I appreciate each of you. Every comment is a rainbow to me. Keep searching for what is below the surface, be honest and keep the eye on the prize. Have a great week. Xx M

Where is it January 1st?

I looked at stats to find WP has already flipped to January. My clock is showing 6:19pm, nowhere near the usual 11:00pm roll over. Maybe WP is enjoying a vacation in a much different time zone. Who is already enjoying the New Year? Does it matter, probably not. 🙂 M  

Hilarious Poop Story Dedicated To My Twin P **

It’s time to share with my WP family how stubborn I can be. I was an innocent child of six years old playing on jungle gym, all things kids do at recess. I felt a growl in my stomach but the jungle gym was more fun. Another growl, I better tell the teacher I have to potty. She looked at me rather stern, NO! … Read More Hilarious Poop Story Dedicated To My Twin P **

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