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Lyme Progress #4 *Photos*

 It’s summertime, ticks and insects carrying tick born illnesses are worse than last year. Practice all precautions if out in tall grass, tall scrubs or trees. I’m in semi-remission which consist of Dementia, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Lyme Arthritis, Cognitive issues, pain, falling, pain and pain medicines. There are days you want to cry, scream, on and on. Chronic Illnesses can consume your life. Make the … Read More Lyme Progress #4 *Photos*


Lyme Progress #1 Pain Management

You may have noticed the name change from Lyme Update to Lyme Progress. The reason for the change, it’s time to start looking forward, short term and long term. I still struggle with illnesses which Lyme left behind and have days can’t get out of bed. WINNING is looking forward. The chronically ill understand this mind-set. After dismissing my Lyme Doctor in Washington, I … Read More Lyme Progress #1 Pain Management


Lyme Update #20: *Moving Forward*

I fired my Lyme Literate Doctor The last straw! My Lyme PA prescribed a medication which interacted with a psych medication. Making me Psychotic, pure bat crazy. Scared of myself. Walking in circles non-stop until exhausted. It took days for the medication to clear my system and bring me back to earth. It was life changing. I said horrible things to my husband I … Read More Lyme Update #20: *Moving Forward*


Take Control By Shaving Your Head

There are times when Chronic Illness can get the better of you. I had such a week resulting in shaving my hair off. I’m no GI Jane but do have a nice head minus the scars from brain surgery. For the past 13 years I’ve been a caregiver to my grandparents, spent time in Psychic Hospital twice for ECT. Finding an answer to my … Read More Take Control By Shaving Your Head

Shop Amazon Smiles, Donate to Your Choice Cause

Amazon donates to International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation when you shop at AmazonSmile. Please bookmark the link  so all your eligible shopping will benefit ILADEF. If you have any questions, please sign in to and click on the Help tab to see our FAQ topics. Thank you for your participation in the AmazonSmile program! Thank You Melinda

Lyme Update #19 *My Last Nerve*

Am I healing from Chronic Lyme Diseases? Who knows? Lyme doesn’t have a cure, only times of remission. There’s no way to plan for lingering health problems you will get, will or won’t recover from. Symptoms may go away over time, stay same or get worse. There’s no definitive test to gauge how your major organs are affected unless the damage is severe. The … Read More Lyme Update #19 *My Last Nerve*

Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

Port Removed long after recommended time. At last Psychiatrist appointment he questioned why the port had not been removed. He is also a Medical Doctor and proceeded to tell me all the flesh-eating, horrible infections a port can cause. I said not going to D.C. in several month for surgery. We received a referral from General Doctor, had surgery the same week. Oh what … Read More Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

Powassan Virus worse than Lyme Disease?

I am walking after three years spent in bed, how could anything be worse than Lyme Disease. I’ve lost three years of my life screaming in pain, narcotics, nine months of twice a day IV Infusion Treatments. The conflict in my marriage is understandable but not erased. I can not stress enough how important Tick Borne illnesses are, they can kill. If you already … Read More Powassan Virus worse than Lyme Disease?

Lyme Update 18 *Chronic Illness & Controlled Substances*

The days get lonely, when your symptoms reach the disability stage. Times can get lonely, ask friend or create a circle of like-minded friends who you can talk honestly with.  Keep Learning. If you’re concerned about addiction, talk to Doctor as you decide the treatment best for you.One complete withdraw on Xanax and two days without Temazepam. This is a monthly struggle. The CDC is … Read More Lyme Update 18 *Chronic Illness & Controlled Substances*

 Bumpy Road With Chronic Lyme Diseases  Keep Moving Forward 🙏

I included the photo to show I’m very organized and life is getting ready for change. *The chatter are my thoughts, a Lyme Literate Doctor can consult and talk about options.*  Xx  M Living with Chronic Lyme Disease, requires tremendous faith, inner and physical strength. Please search to discover you’re core strength: it  strength may save your life. Have you  planned for physical matters … Read More  Bumpy Road With Chronic Lyme Diseases  Keep Moving Forward 🙏

Why do soldiers fight and die for America.

@SeeYouClearly Forging through another day! Life is good! 👍 — Nobody's Hero (@BoldAsLove65) October 12, 2016

ILADS Response To Centers of Medicare/Medicaid Services of Health & Human Services

The International Lyme Disease Association (ILADS), knows Chronic Lyme Disease exists, requiring extensive treatment currently restricted by the Center of Disease Control. The letter is a proactive communication advocating for longer treatment options. Taken From ILADS letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Department of Health and Human Services. RE: Proposed Rule concerning antibiotic stewardship in Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals and Nursing … Read More ILADS Response To Centers of Medicare/Medicaid Services of Health & Human Services

Want to Join Me for Dinner? I made your favorite!

Lyme Update #16 *Lyme Winning–Me, blew a gasket and leaking oil

Let’s Talk Lyme Last update, we talked about IV Therapy as a treatment option for Chronic Lyme Disease. IV Therapy is one type of medicine to help you heal. I also take a close to 20 prescriptions and who knows how many supplements. Insurance doesn’t pay for the IV Therapy which is quite common. To ask a question thru the patient Portal it’s $45 … Read More Lyme Update #16 *Lyme Winning–Me, blew a gasket and leaking oil

Avril Lavigne on Her Struggle with Lyme Disease

The post is my opinion based on my own experience and talking to people with Lyme Disease.  The symptoms of Lyme Disease are the same as many chronic illnesses. The parasites move quickly, if not caught early, the more difficult to treat. Lyme is a serious illness, it moves to major organs which bring on worst symptoms. I have Chronic Lyme and two co-infections. The … Read More Avril Lavigne on Her Struggle with Lyme Disease

Dr. Jemsek “Speaks the Truth”About Lyme Disease

Dr Jemsek is an Infectious Disease Doctor who played a pivotal role identifying AIDS in N. Carolina.You will hear him mention in the video. He is my hero and my Doctor. There are several treatment methods, each Doctor is different. I’m on antibiotic IV Therapy 5 days a week, Lactose Ringer when not on IV Therapy, close to 30 supplements, Morphine Patch, two horrible liquid … Read More Dr. Jemsek “Speaks the Truth”About Lyme Disease

Lyme Update #15 *In Sickness and In Health*

Money can create stress in the strongest marriages. With Chronic Lyme the topic of money was an issue in our house. How does $39,000 for 7-9 months of treatment impact retirement plans? I considered not spending the money. That was a heated issue, I saw our retirement go down the drain, it wasn’t a good feeling. The timeframe to wellness is 2-3 years. Based … Read More Lyme Update #15 *In Sickness and In Health*

Life After Lyme Diseases

Thank you for all the hugs and prayers, my heart overflows with sunshine. There is no question I will survive, a cure will come sooner than later.   Xx  M

Glimpse into My life with Chronic Lyme Disease

I hope to have a Lyme Update post with information on the cost of treatment. Thank you for stopping by today. I am happy to answer any questions. Xx M

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