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Interview With Christine Clayfield Author Of “No Forth River”

I’m trilled to take part in the Blog Tour for Christine Clayfield’s first novel “No Fourth River”. Christine its great to talk with you this morning. Let’s jump in. Your novel “No Fourth River” is incredibly personal. Starting with the brutal abuse from your father to all the siblings. What convinced you now was the right time to write your story? There are four influencing factors that made … Read More Interview With Christine Clayfield Author Of “No Forth River”


Insights from the Hotline Room: Planning for Holiday Gatherings

As the year winds down, folks across the country are headed home for the holidays to spend time with family and friends. While this is a time of celebration for many, it also presents challenges for some survivors of sexual abuse. More often than not, the perpetrator of sexual violence is someone the victim knows. This is especially true for those who experience sexual abuse … Read More Insights from the Hotline Room: Planning for Holiday Gatherings


We are free when we remove the shackles

We are free to move forward only when we remove the emotional shackles of regret.  Suze Orman Restore the Rights to Rape Victims Impeach Judge Gregory S. Ross and restore the rights to rape victims.  Christopher Mirasolo, 27, was convicted of raping a 12 year old girl and two other girls, 13 and 15 in 2008. Mirasolo was sentenced to one year in the county jail but only served six and a half months before early release to care for his sick mother. In March 2010 Mirasolo … Read More Restore the Rights to Rape Victims


Children’s Bureau: Law and Policies

Laws & Policies Listen The Children’s Bureau provides guidance to states, tribes, child welfare agencies, and more on the complex and varied federal laws as they relate to child welfare. What’s New in Laws & Policies This page provides resources and information about new federal legislation, regulations, and Children’s Bureau policies. Child Welfare Policy Manual The Child Welfare Policy Manual contains mandatory policies that … Read More Children’s Bureau: Law and Policies

Unconditional Love-The Sacrifices Never End

My grandparents loved me unconditionally with words, most importantly their actions. They saw the effects of abuse and neglect from a distance, I never said anything or make accusations. Granny spent extra time with me, giving me a long bath, washing my hair, scrubbing dirty feet, knees and elbows. She pampered me with few words spoken. She had the ritual, after drying off and … Read More Unconditional Love-The Sacrifices Never End

I keep Moving Forward: *Not allowing My past to Chart the Future*

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”    Maya Angelo I am a Survivor My grandparents unconditional love pulled me from the abyss. After years of Therapy, I have a clear heart, no anger or self loathing. Not forgiving….forgetting, to allow myself to move forward. Over the years, people brought sunshine into my life. You were … Read More I keep Moving Forward: *Not allowing My past to Chart the Future*

Caregiver Tip #1, Books that Saved My Sanity

  Our population is in a large up swing as “Baby Boomers” reach Social Security age which indicates the potential increased need for Caregivers. There are many stages the elderly and dying go through until  death. The books below helped me maneuver the invisible line we have to cross based on their capabilities. ” Each of the books made a profound difference in understanding … Read More Caregiver Tip #1, Books that Saved My Sanity

Mother leaves 8 year old at County Hospital

Original post 6/2014 It’s interesting the events our mind suppresses until memories spring back like yesterday. I have no emotion talking about the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother and step father. I have disassociated memories of sexual abuse by my father. I know it. My therapist and I have talked about it, she doesn’t push and knows if the … Read More Mother leaves 8 year old at County Hospital

How Many Untested Rape Kits Does Your State Have?

Advocates For Sexual Assault Who Drive Change End The Backlog is a program of Joyful Heart Foundation, a national non-profit organization founded by actress and activist Mariska Hargitay with the mission to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever. Over the years, however, we have begun to see progress. Increasingly, states and … Read More How Many Untested Rape Kits Does Your State Have?

A Mother’s Guilt

      Daughter My Birthday wish for You I hope that every candle brings a new wish. I hope the Smile that lights your face stays there all year-long. I hope everything  you’ve dreamed it will come true. I hope you know how much I love You and how proud I am of you. Happy Birthday With So Much Love. Card from my … Read More A Mother’s Guilt

Lyme: Falling Hazards for the Fearless.

Growing up with four bothers, I was a fearless tomboy. At 12 years old I was crowned with braces. After a few pops in the mouth my football career was over. Good childhood memories. Chronic Lyme Diseases affects everyone different, my parasites settled  into my brain. The first sign was the lack of balance. Think about the walk taken after getting pulling over for … Read More Lyme: Falling Hazards for the Fearless.

Her Dreams Give Her Wings, Concrete Angel

Dose of Reality on Monday morning

Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

WOW! Mission Control we landed without to many Starbucks stops. I’m thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Robert Goldstein at Robert is a generous spirit. Thank you for choosing my blog worthy of The Versatile Award. Robert has a mental illness called DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is open about the struggles he face. He is a strong advocate for Mental … Read More Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

Faded Memories II *From Melody to Mody*

I was born with healthy lungs and strong personality  My parents chose Melinda Melody 1963. Melody was my fathers idea. To this day, my mother calls me Melody. I thought it was emotional abuse. In truth, She hated my father and used the name he chose. Emotionally  broken down to unconditional love of my grandparents. God Blessed me with my grandparents, I can’t repay you … Read More Faded Memories II *From Melody to Mody*

Rest in Peace Grandma * I hope your heart is cleansed of Anger *

Original post 11/2014  You receive from the world what you give to the world.  Oprah   My maternal grandma died this week. I have no emotion. I would like to tell a story of a grandma and her granddaughter bonding and building memories. I can’t write about bonding because booze was her best friend. My grandfather an alcoholic as well, I can’t recall his … Read More Rest in Peace Grandma * I hope your heart is cleansed of Anger *

The face of child abuse * Mother’s Message To Her Child *

Original post 1/2015 I found photos of myself starting at birth. As I looked at each photo my mind was asking who could hit this child. I began to sob, continuing to look at each as I grew older. The question who could hit this child growing louder in my head. People who don’t know me are probably thinking I was crying for myself. … Read More The face of child abuse * Mother’s Message To Her Child *

Good Times Gone Bad

I started Looking for the Light on 2-22-2014, exactly 22 years after my father’s suicide. Every year on the date, my emotions/logic are so conflicted. I stopped drinking years ago but every year I get drunk, my coping mechanism. I thought my dad was cool as a child and we had lots of fun. My father had no clue how to parent, it was scream … Read More Good Times Gone Bad

Brother witnessed Child Abuse of only sister * Everybody Hurts*

Original post 3/2014 Everyone suffers in an abusive environment. Our house was always in chaos. An alcoholic stepfather who abused my mother and a mother who abused her daughter. There were three other children in the house who saw the abuse, heard the screams and threats. I used to think the victim was the only person with scars. At 9 years old I survived … Read More Brother witnessed Child Abuse of only sister * Everybody Hurts*

Could you hit your child?

Original post 3/2014 Both of my parents and stepfather abused me. We’re not talking spanking, we’re talking banging your head into the wall. I am 100% for discipline, accountability and house rules. You see children who have involved parents and the childs demeanor. I see parents yelling at the child while grocery shopping, belittling them in front of strangers. What we can’t see is child abuse. … Read More Could you hit your child?

Running to Stand Still

Original post from 3/2014 The song “Running to Stand Still” by U2 pierced my soul. I can’t explain the feeling. It describes my life in four simple words. I have fought most of my life to stay alive, many from my own bad choices. In the early sixties my parents met at a party. I don’t know if they dated or a one night … Read More Running to Stand Still

Throw Back Thursday *Wild Child Days*

Reading a post earlier brought back memories of my drug addicted wild child days. My boyfriend was a dealer so I did everything but a needle. Many scary times living with my father. I ran away, he pointing a 357 magnum at the friends he could find. Threatening to kill them if lying. Good thing he didn’t know I was crouched in the front … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Wild Child Days*

Three Day Favorite Quote Challenge * Day Two *

I’ve been nominated by my friend Cosme, for a Challenge which includes three days of your favorite Quotes. It’s Day Two of the challenge and I am having so much fun. I’m saving the best for last. Thank you Cosme for nominating me. If you are not familiar with, please stop by you are in for a treat. The requirement is to write three … Read More Three Day Favorite Quote Challenge * Day Two *

TED Talks Nadine Burke Harris *How Childhood Trauma effects Health*

“The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness is the goal of every other goal” Deepak Chopra Nadine Burke Harris gives a dynamic Ted Talk on How Childhood Trauma effects health across a lifetime. Her talk reinforces what many have thought for years.  XO  W offeres 1900+ talks to stir your mind. 


Survivor & So Much More *First Posted 4/21/2014*

I am alive, happy, productive and helping other Survivors. Very Blessed. My childhood and teenage years where so difficult I truly believed suicide was the only answer. My first attempt was at 9 years old, I took all  the pills in my dad’s medicine cabinet. I got a buzz then my stomach pumped. Suicide was always on my mind since the abuse was everyday. If  it … Read More Survivor & So Much More *First Posted 4/21/2014*

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