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The Asp Wrangler For A Day

The Asp Wrangler For A Day        Summer and searing heat are just ahead, it’s time to introduce you to the Texas Asp. One morning while pruning roses I noticed these furry cream-colored caterpillars. I grabbed my camera and started clicking. Something about them was familiar, I just could not put my finger on it. I had taken photos of critters all … Read More The Asp Wrangler For A Day

Triple Shot Thursday *Dance, Dance, Dance*

I’ve talked with new followers, touched base with loyal followers and found several great blogs to follow. Wow!!!! I’m refreshed. If you don’t like the picks this week, you know what to do, the request line is open 24/7, leave your suggestion. Let’s get some new music taste to wake me up. Have a great weekend. Be Safe.  M

Triple Shot Thursday *Imagine Dragons*

Today for your listening pleasure a Triple Shot of Imagine Dragons. I can’t get enough, sometimes strange videos yet the words a spoken by someone everyday. This is my favorite time of the week, take the hair pins out, relax, not rushing to publish the next post. Request are always welcome. I fly blind much of the time, what do people want to hear, … Read More Triple Shot Thursday *Imagine Dragons*

Throw Back Thursday * Triple Shot of Sting*

I’ve sent a dozen or so Instagram or Twitter notes. Sting is on tour, I dropped a line. Imagine my surprise he responded. “Thanks for the support and nice thoughts. Best wishes to you, God bless” WOW I was shocked. I pray you have a great weekend. Be safe.  Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday Peace

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Pay it forward.  Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Oldies Worth Remembering*

Have a great weekend. When I heard the songs as a teenager, I hade no idea what they were talking about. HAHA! Have a great Friday, don’t forget sunscreen.  Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Back in Time Machine*

Summer is my favorite time of year, I love outdoor sports. One favorite is tubing down the river riding the rapids.The temperature reached 100 degrees today, I’m  in front of computer today. Hope everyone has adjusted to kids being out of schools and family vacations. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Gentle as a Widflower*

I hope you enjoy the tunes. Readership is down on Thursdays? Is three videos to much? The Dj not playing your songs? Kids keeping you busy? The Request Line is open, suggestions make Thursday’s more exciting. Xx  M  

Throw Back Thursday *Remember Mixed Tapes?

Did you make or receive a mix tape? I made one cassette for my car. Mixed tapes where the hottest trend in High School.Today you get a mixed tape of sorts. I hope you enjoy the choices this week. The Hotline is open leave your suggestions. Xx  M    

Inspirational Thoughts

My Back Yard is so Fascinating “We do not need magic to transform our world We carry all the power we need inside already We have the power to imagine better J.K. Rowling commencement speech at Harvard University

Throw Back Thursday *Late but not forgotten*

We flew in last night from D.C., slept more than normal. I haven’t missed a Thursday in two years, today is not the day. I’ll keep it short, my body feels much older than reality.  Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Female Power House Voices*

Adele’s voice is unique, so powerful, She will surprise you with Send My Love ( To Your New Lover ) Enjoy Power Female Artist this week. Amy’s voice is beautiful, life ended to soon for her. Alice Keys is another Power House. Xx  M  

Madre con mascara de chewbacca en español

Enjoy!!!!! 🙂 Melinda

Throw Back Thursday *I’m late, you should see my laptop*

I started at 8:30pm deciding on video’s. After years of enjoyment, YouTube and VeVo are enforcing copyright laws. Somebody has an answer, please leave a comment or email msandorm@verizon.net. The Shania Twain video is an example, of the the copyright screen. I stopped at 1:00am, way past bedtime. I’m praying for progress today. Here’s a snack while I work on desert. Xx  M   … Read More Throw Back Thursday *I’m late, you should see my laptop*

Throw Back Thursday *Don’t let time pass you by*

I was thinking about tunes to play, Prince came to mind. He’s Mystical, very erotic with dancers and fans enjoy every minute. Prince supported multiple charities, one supported kids education. He heard the library was closing due to lack of funds. The next day, the library doors opened. I celebrate the life of Prince and pray the family comes together with hearts of love. … Read More Throw Back Thursday *Don’t let time pass you by*

Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

WOW! Mission Control we landed without to many Starbucks stops. I’m thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Robert Goldstein at http://www.robertmgoldstein.com. Robert is a generous spirit. Thank you for choosing my blog worthy of The Versatile Award. Robert has a mental illness called DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is open about the struggles he face. He is a strong advocate for Mental … Read More Robert Goldstein Awarded Me Versatile Blogger Award

Hearding Chickens awarded Survivors Blog Here with The Versatile Blogger Award

heardingchickens.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/the-versatile-blogger-award We’re thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Herding Chickens. If you have not stopped by http://www.herdingchickens.wordpress.com, today is a great day to start. Her personality shines through her writing. Her and  husband have adopted two children. She shares the successes and struggle of Adoption. She’s a generous person. Seven Answers Paola’s Answers Writing is my therapy. It heals my soul and makes me feel less … Read More Hearding Chickens awarded Survivors Blog Here with The Versatile Blogger Award

Throw Back Thursday *Rock & Roll Fantasy*

My Rock-n-Roll soul was empty, the music of choice this week filled my soul.  I enjoyed looking at old and new tunes. I start smiling once I pick the first video. Kick back, grab headphones and lets jam!  Xx  M  

I Need Your Opinion, Only Three Questions. :)

Does the site look crowded? I’m still not sure about the Twitter roll. Is there something you would like to see? Do you ever look at Footer Widgets? I want the site to flow, easy to read with the post taking center stage. Thanks a million for your help! Hugs to my friends and followers. You keep me running when there’s no energy to move! … Read More I Need Your Opinion, Only Three Questions. 🙂


  “To me EVERY HOUR of the light and dark IS A MIRACLE, Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Walt Whitman -Miracles – Xx  M

Throw Back Thursday *Good Times*

Background song in video of me Sky Diving from 12,000 feet. WOW! Xx  M


      More than intelligence or persistent or connections, Curiosity has allow me to live the life I wanted. Brian Grazer XxM

Throw Back Thursday *Best of Best*

I enjoyed picking the videos this week, so many great tunes to choose from. The songs have memories attached in my head. The passion of an artist has to shine brightly.  Xx  M     Remember to leave a comment or suggestion for next week. 

Repost of Your Best Fake Smile *Happy Weekend*

I’m a die-hard James Bay fan, every release captures my music heart. James  loves to make funny faces in photos off stage. Withdraw was not as lonely with James replying to several twitter messages. I’m still picking up the scattered pieces of my brain. Laughter is helping me find a way out. If one person enjoys this post, you’ve given me something I’ve lost. I … Read More Repost of Your Best Fake Smile *Happy Weekend*

Throw Back Thursday * Sweet Memories From The Past*

Throw Back Thursday started over two years ago. Thank you for following me and leaving comments. I enjoy the comments, it’s also an education as I look for tunes each week. The 24 hour request line is open. I’m dedicating  “Don’t Let Me Down” to Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidio Boar). We met today and his blog is awesome, most everything you want to know … Read More Throw Back Thursday * Sweet Memories From The Past*

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