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Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

Port Removed long after recommended time. At last Psychiatrist appointment he questioned why the port had not been removed. He is also a Medical Doctor and proceeded to tell me all the flesh-eating, horrible infections a port can cause. I said not going to D.C. in several month for surgery. We received a referral from General Doctor, had surgery the same week. Oh what … Read More Lyme Tidbit: Port Gone…after two years *Happy Dance*

Lyme Update #15 *In Sickness and In Health*

Money can create stress in the strongest marriages. With Chronic Lyme the topic of money was an issue in our house. How does $39,000 for 7-9 months of treatment impact retirement plans? I considered not spending the money. That was a heated issue, I saw our retirement go down the drain, it wasn’t a good feeling. The timeframe to wellness is 2-3 years. Based … Read More Lyme Update #15 *In Sickness and In Health*

Glimpse into My life with Chronic Lyme Disease

I hope to have a Lyme Update post with information on the cost of treatment. Thank you for stopping by today. I am happy to answer any questions. Xx M

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