Queen Elizabeth dies September 8, 2022

I’m at a total loss for words, I wasn’t expecting the Queen to die today. Of course, we’ll never know what she was really suffering from but thank God she’s out of pain. We mourn for her loss and welcome a new King, King Charles III.

The UK will stay in the morning for 10 days and her household staff for 30 days. It’s improper to have a Coronation so soon after grieving so we won’t see the official ascension probably into next year. This means King Charles III can’t wear the crown till after the official ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth was one of a kind and she broke thru many glass ceilings.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

I’m hopeful of King Charles III will carry on but with his own style. He’s not the Queen and will not slide right into her chair. He will have his own personality and ways of performing his duties.

We also now have a Queen Consort and Prince and Princes of Wales to pick move forward Price Charles’s work.

I live in America and have followed the Royal family for as long as I can remember. The Queen will be missed by the world.

Rest in Peace.



      1. Yes indeed and let’s face it he’s been a king in waiting for a long time. To know for all your life that you have a job to do but you can only do it when your mother dies is such a strange situation. We all wish him well.

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        1. Very weird for everyone that comes before him too. I look forward to seeing the P/P of Wales change the name of their children goes by. They just started school last week and now they have a new name. It must be difficult for them also because they just moved and I don’t think they can stay there now. They will have much more responsibility.


          1. They have been leaders for a very long time, a bit more pressure but they will adjust. Moving? Why do you think that? They don’t even have room for a nanny. That means they will have to drive to Ken P or some newly assigned place to conduct official duties. I can’t imagine in my life having three child, let alone being Princes of Wales, the juggling must be crazy. I have complete confidence in them. I can already see Will being crowned.


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