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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place” Eckhart Tolle

Barstool Cowboy

Originally posted on Return of Dragons:
“Should I tell her that I constantly think about the way she smells, the taste of her mouth, the feel of her skin, and the sound of her laughter?” ― Lorelei James, Cowgirl Up, and Ride The image in the dresser mirror stood obscured by long arching cracks, and too much tobacco smoke cemented a fine layer of…

Triple Shot Thursday *70’s Favs*

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by, I love to spin for you. Got a request? Request line open 24/7 just leave in comment section.  M


Do You Read My Tweets?

It’s been almost a year since I started working on Twitter with charities and organizations that are close to my heart. I feel great to have almost 5,000 followers but this means nothing if you are not reading the great resources. Subjects like Mental Health, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Suicide and more. I only reblog tweets that have value to me and I hope … Read More Do You Read My Tweets?

Double Shot Thursday *Hallelujah*

Have a great weekend. M  

Characters I have Loved

Originally posted on Return of Dragons:
When I fall in love with my female character and my thoughts are overwhelmed by what I’ll have her do next, I know I’ve at least drawn my interest. But what about the reader? I’ve met ladies like the one in the image. My time in the east was rewarded with ample time to converse with women that captured…

Interview with Patricia Grace Blogger/Artist

Originally posted on For the Love of Art:
I’m thrilled to talk Mosaics today with Patricia Grace from Grace to Survive, The Dove is my favorite, the details are amazing. Be sure and stop by Patricia’s blog for more great art and photographs. Can you share more information about yourself and the process leading to art. Were you creative as a child? Staying in…

Dance of Dragons

Originally posted on Return of Dragons:
“If you dance with dragons, you must expect to burn.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms The Dance of Dragons is a tempest of the wind, water, fire, and sky. Boundless desire blows across the pleasured skin, freezes the mind, chokes the air of suffering breath, and the heart bleeds. Oh, how it bleeds in a…


Medical Cost Crazy

I fell last week on a heavy glass table and gashed my head. David thought stitches were needed so off we went. I received six staples and out the door in less than three hours. The bill came yesterday, $12,000, I had more than a heart attack. We went to General Doctor to have a RN remove the staples. Five minutes of effort cost $88.00. … Read More Medical Cost Crazy

Bring Change to Mind new PSA

I’m thrilled Bring Change to Mind is elevating their presence in the Mental Health field. The videos are short and easy conversations, teens will pick up on the message. Please pass on to anyone who struggles with depression and hope the lines of communication open up.  M


Where’s Waldo? In the Reblog Button

Can anyone else reblog? I have not been able to since last night. I looks to me like a lack of communication between WordPress and WordPress where the programmers report into. When programming changes are made the Reblog button is the first to go, last time it was for a week. If this happens on a regular basis you would think an easy fix … Read More Where’s Waldo? In the Reblog Button


Guilty Verdict in Cosby Trail is a Victory for Survivors

PUBLIC POLICY SEXUAL ASSAULT Guilty Verdict in Cosby Trial is a Victory for Survivors APR 30, 2018 Following years of allegations of sexual assault, Bill Cosby has been found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent sexual assault against Andrea Constand. The trial included testimony from five of Cosby’s victims, in addition to Constand. In an amicus brief filed in the case, RAINN urged the court … Read More Guilty Verdict in Cosby Trail is a Victory for Survivors

The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 2

Originally posted on Return of Dragons:
“Real love is composed of ecstasy and agony.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello Alexandra Drăgana Scene 2 It was Alexandra’s first ride in a Rolls Royce. It was her first ride ever in a luxury car of any kind. The back seat was like an expensive couch. At her fingertips were all the comforts she didn’t…

Beneath your coat

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
Losing your mind feels like Slipping your chaffed hands into a pair of rubber gloves Plunging them into hot washing up water Hearing the chink of porcelain, knocking against glass Impossibly fragile. Soon the water grows murky You cannot see, nor reach the bottom From the top of your head to the ache in your feet Standing wooden, bones imploring,…


Who Am I?

Burden Exhausted Not moving Not contributing Giving nothing to society To sick to care Exhausted Can’t move In bed Frozen Hopeful


The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 1

Originally posted on Return of Dragons:
“There are times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind.”  ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind Alexandra Drăgana Scene 1 During the time before Europe fell into darkness and before the mother of Rome felt the birth pains of her children, Kinsmen of the Thracian tribes…

Triple Shot Thursday *Classic Rock Favs*

Each band influenced my early Rock & Roll experience. If I could only choose 100 LP’s, no doubt these are included. Have a great weekend. I love to spin for you.  M


Happy Easter, Jesus Has Risen


Triple Shot Thursday *Love, Love, Love*

These are classic love songs, Aretha Franklin killed it as always. I hope you enjoy this weeks pick. The 24/7 Request Line is open, longing to hear your choice or choices. I’m happy to spin your tune. Thank you for reading!  M

Please visit my blog “For the Love of Art”

I have started a new blog I believe art is art if you think it’s art. Today I posted is an interview with Cindy Knoke at She’s a great photographer, I hope you will stop by. Please leave any comments about the site. The good, bad and ugly, your comments will help me form the site. Melinda

Interview With Photographer/Blogger Cindy Knoke

Originally posted on For the Love of Art:
Cindy Knoke has traveled the world, to the most unusual off the beaten path places you can imagine. Her photography is a window to the world. I ask Cindy a few questions to learn her photography background and how she plans for the monumental trips. Be sure to click the link at bottom to see some of…

Triple Shot Thursday *Songs You Can’t Forget*

I remember these songs like yesterday. There was a large poster of Shawn Cassidy on the wall next to Donny Osmond. I hope you enjoy the classics this week. Have a great weekend.  M


Putting the Brakes on ‘Emotional Eating’

Feb. 22, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. Putting the Brakes on ‘Emotional Eating’ By Julie Davis HealthDay Reporter (HEALTHDAY) THURSDAY, Feb. 22, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Many of us make choices about whether to eat healthy or not-so-healthy foods based on whether we’re in a good or not-so-good mood. When a bad mood strikes, we often tend to reach for junk food. And that can … Read More Putting the Brakes on ‘Emotional Eating’

The Day I Stopped Hating Myself

Originally posted on autismthoughts:
I started realizing a little over two years ago just how much I hated myself. Prior to that I thought that I liked myself for the most part but just had some self esteem issues. After suggestions from some friends to make my new year’s goal to love and take care of myself, I realized just how hard this was…

Interview With Christine Clayfield Author Of “No Forth River”

I’m trilled to take part in the Blog Tour for Christine Clayfield’s first novel “No Fourth River”. Christine its great to talk with you this morning. Let’s jump in. Your novel “No Fourth River” is incredibly personal. Starting with the brutal abuse from your father to all the siblings. What convinced you now was the right time to write your story? There are four influencing factors that made … Read More Interview With Christine Clayfield Author Of “No Forth River”

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