About Me

Looking for the Light is a Health and Lifestyle blog started in 2005 under the name Defining Memories. I spent my early years blogging about my grandparent’s death, sharing the grieving process and caregiving tips. I openly talked about being sexually assaulted, growing up in house of domestic violence, alcoholism, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I went thru the grieving process of losing my father to suicide in 1992. When it comes to baggage, I have it multiples.
In 2014 I needed a new direction, there wasn’t light at the end of my tunnel as they say, I went to look for it and hoped to share my life lessons with others who may not be in the same place and Looking for the Light was born.
Today I’m a happy, mostly healthy, pretty adjusted woman who is working hard to lift others up at the same time I expand my horizons.
Photo by Krystian Grzebuu0142a on Pexels.com

Looking for the Light

A portion of my post are dedicated to subjects of Chronic Illnesses, for which I have a few. Lyme Disease, an Immune Deficiency Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder. I call myself an armchair advocate, by that I try to educate and share what I know and learn thru my blog not thru a charity or an agency. Due to my ongoing health issues I’m not able to volunteer at this time.
I have a wide range of interest from Travel, World History, Ancestry, Education for Children, Global Warming, Animal Abuse, Reading, Writing and Photography.
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I would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts in the comment section below.
So glad you took the time to read my About Me page, I’ve updated it on 8/28/21.

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