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Survivors Blog Here Welcomes Alyssa from Fight MS Daily

We’re excited to welcome Alyssa from Fight MS Daily to the Survivors Blog Here team. Diagnosed with MS at age 19, she fights to keep her illness in check, has a full life and she a Southerner. Please stop by to say hello and be sure to follow her journey.  M  


Don’t Suffer From Your Depression In Silence

Another Great TED Talk. Enjoy. M


No Person Should Have To Be So Alone

No Person, trying to take responsibility for her or his identity, should have to be so alone. There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors. Adrienne Rich “Sources”


Why People Of Different Faiths Are Painting Their Houses Of Worship Yellow

TED Talks


Church of England Embraces Transgender Members

Posted on July, 2017 by Universal Life Church Monastery The Church of England has voted to welcome transgender individuals into the church with open arms. By an overwhelming margin, the church’s governing body (known as the General Synod) chose to support transgender inclusion. It was a historic decision for a religious institution that for centuries clung closely to tradition and conservative tenets of the … Read More Church of England Embraces Transgender Members


Why are Books Banned or Burned?

At the end of September, libraries and bookstores everywhere will be celebrating “Banned Books Week.” This got us thinking: why do people ban books (or, in extreme cases, burn them)? Literature is such a fundamental part of human life, and yet time and time again throughout history there have been concerted efforts to suppress or destroy certain books. These days, when we talk about … Read More Why are Books Banned or Burned?


Sincerely, X Episode-7 Mood Changer

iTunes Podcast Episode-7 Mood Changer

+ 2017 Progress and Victories

Hi Melinda –Did you know that over 200 million people from around the world use the platform to support the issues they care about? Everyday, we see evidence that people-power really works. On average — 50 campaigns win in a month in the US 1 campaign reaches victory every 2 hours around the world 5.7 million signatures per week come from people around the … Read More 2017 Progress and Victories


In Music We Trust Supports Mind Charity

Aiden Hatfield started In Music We Trust to shine a light on Mental Health by creating a music centered clothing line and donating 50% of profits to Mind Charity. He’s the first person I met on Twitter, is from across the pond and quite funny. “We’re a music based clothing brand that helps those with depression and other mental health issues by donating 50% … Read More In Music We Trust Supports Mind Charity


Sincerely, X Audio Podcast Episode 8

SINCERELY, X AUDIO PODCAST This week on Sincerely, X, a podcast from TED and Audible where speakers share ideas anonymously. Episode 8 features a woman whose bravery after a devastating assault allowed her to reclaim her own personal power. Available now on Apple Podcasts, the TED Android app, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Yale Offering 19 Online Courses on Coursera

Yale is back in session! Back to School is an exciting time for students and faculty alike. It’s a fresh start and anything seems possible, because it is! No matter your age, education level, or occupation, you can always keep learning. Yale currently offers 19 online courses on Coursera giving you the opportunity to study a variety of subjects from distinguished faculty. Watch a … Read More Yale Offering 19 Online Courses on Coursera


My Father

In the 1950’s doctors diagnosed my father Hyperactive as a teen, with little knowledge doctors prescribed tranquilizers. I can only imagine how this much-loved teen prankster turned zombie like. What doctors didn’t know was my father suffered from Bipolar Disorder. After leaving home, he never sought a second opinion or took medications. He committed suicide in 1992. I can’t say if his mental illness … Read More My Father


23 & Me: Genetic Findings on Depression

23 & Me has a wealth of information if you’re a member. To receive membership all you have to do is have your DNA tested by them. This Genetic Study discusses findings to Depression. Did you clink on the 23 & Me link last week? Did you encounter any problems? Was the information helpful? What did you think about the Genetic Study? I hope … Read More 23 & Me: Genetic Findings on Depression

Triple Shot Wed/Thur *This is the Part of Me You Can’t Ever Take Away From Me*

My lyme brain is missing this week, as you tell I don’t know what day it is. I like the videos very their strong survival skills of kicking addiction, abusive behavior or coming from the depths of depression. I don’t often say, I’m fighting the black dog, I’m Survive. TAKING CONTROL BACK, SURVIVORS!   M


Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

Another Genetic Study from 23 & Me, gives me hope and makes by blood boil. One technology will allow people who suffer with mental illness, have a better life. New drugs, clinical trials, preclinical trials, cover you ass just in case issues. I believe there are drugs being tested now who will make a difference for future generations. I don’t foresee a cure, but … Read More Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

Genetic connection to Schizophrenia

Have you had your DNA tested? Did the results surprise you? National Geographic and 23 & Me tested my DNA. The 23 & Me site sent information on complete chain which provided time lines for my Genealogy work. The bonus is anyone who test DNA with 23 & Me is compared to your data and sends information on anyone who is related to you. … Read More Genetic connection to Schizophrenia

Sincerely, X: Pepper Spray *Talks About Triggers*

Sincerely, X By TED SINCERELY, X: PEPPER SPRAY Listen to TED and Audible’s new podcast, Sincerely, X. This episode, titled “Pepper Spray,” follows a woman whose visit to the store triggers a panic attack, giving listeners an inside look into those suffering from PTSD and how to help. Available now on Apple Podcasts, the TED Android app, or wherever you get your podcasts. View More by This … Read More Sincerely, X: Pepper Spray *Talks About Triggers*

Stand Tall Little Girl: Hope Virgo- Book Review

Originally posted on Be Your Own Light: A Mental Health Recovery Blog:
I came across this wonderful book and Inspirational Mental Health book series by new publisher Trigger Press, on Twitter and via a friend of mine who knew Hope. The publisher is part of mental health charity the Shaw Mind Foundation and its book series is about reducing mental health stigma and showcasing…

Beyond ADHD-Overcoming the Label and Thriving by Jeff Emmerson

I met Author Jeff Emmerson on Twitter, he’s motivating, a tireless advocate for Mental Heath and shines a bright light on ADHD for which he was misdiagnosed. Jeff’s book Beyond ADHD-Overcoming the Label and Thriving is on pre-order at Amazon and with an August release date.           By Jeff Emmerson and Robert Yehling Beyond ADHD weaves Emmerson’s personal story of … Read More Beyond ADHD-Overcoming the Label and Thriving by Jeff Emmerson

Understanding Your State Law on Rape Kit Reform

END THE BACKLOG is an initiative of the Joyful Heart Foundation to shine a light on the backlog of untested rape kits throughout the United States. Our goal is to end this injustice by conducting groundbreaking research identifying the extent of the nation’s backlog and best practices for eliminating it, expanding the national dialogue on rape kit testing through increased public awareness, engaging communities … Read More Understanding Your State Law on Rape Kit Reform

Not Every Day

Originally posted on Survivors Blog Here:
Many people walk through life with the expectation of living the Golden Rule, and expecting that others do the same. ?Unfortunately, there are also people out there who will not pass up a chance to negate the Golden Rule. ? Abuse comes in many forms… At the center of abuse, is the need for power and control over…

Every Conversation Starts Somewhere

Bring Change To Mind For our 2017 campaign, we focused on one of the biggest challenges in discussing mental health: getting started. We gathered a team of performers, many of whom have connections to mental illness in their own lives. We asked them to roleplay different conversations, touching on various diagnoses and relationships. The videos show that no matter what you’re facing, or who you’re … Read More Every Conversation Starts Somewhere

Opiate Addiction Grows in over 50

Addiction to Opiates Rise to Alarming Rate. by John Rosengren, AARP Bulletin, June 2017| The Opioid Menace – AARP AMERICANS OVER 50 are using narcotic pain pills in surprisingly high numbers, and many are becoming addicted. While media attention has focused on younger people buying illegal opioids on the black market, dependence can also start with a legitimate prescription from a doctor: A well-meant … Read More Opiate Addiction Grows in over 50

Department of Health & Human Services Grants 17 Colleges $4.9 million

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $4.9 million in grants to a total of 17 colleges and universities across the United States. The grants, varying in amount from $47,494 to $102,000 annually, will be funded over three years by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) through its Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Program. The awards support a range … Read More Department of Health & Human Services Grants 17 Colleges $4.9 million

Walgreens Plans to Test Three Million People for Mental Health by end of 2017

Time will tell if Walgreens accomplishes the goal and how people are helped by the initiative. Another drug store chain publicity stunt?    M Bruce Japsen ,   CONTRIBUTOR I write about healthcare business and policy Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. About one in five Americans suffer mental health conditions, which is more than those with medical conditions Walgreens and Mental Health America … Read More Walgreens Plans to Test Three Million People for Mental Health by end of 2017

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