Book Review for Monkey Mind by Keith Naylor

I want to send a special thank you to the Managing Editor of Trigger Publishing, Soraya Nair for sending me Monkey Mind by Keith Naylor to read and review. 

Publication date: 26/07/2021
ISBN: 106 pages


Can you pinpoint the exact moment that your struggle with mental health started? Keith Naylor attempts to do so in his book Monkey Mind, but he’s not the only one on this trek back in time. He’s also got Tonky – the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey that chatters away in his brain – to help him uncover the causes for his depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Retracing Keith and Tonky’s steps might help you understand your own journey with mental health, too.

My Thoughts

This quote is in the Introduction and I love this, it’s a great life quote. 

“Be true to yourself. You can be whatever you like, but don’t let your mind hold you back.”

You know that old saying, “I have a monkey on my back? The book Monkey Mind reminds me of the saying only in this case the monkeys are weighing down Kieth’s brain and raising the level of negative self-talk. He takes us on the journey to find answers to when his struggles with mental health started. 

Kieth is an only child and doesn’t remember his birth except for what he could get from his father and family members. He was born with a deformity to his leg and had to wear a full leg cast until grade school. He no longer requires a cast but does have a limp if overly tired and is conscious of his leg being different. 

Tonky is the name of Kieth’s monkey, and Tonky can keep him from sleeping for nights on end. My monkey keeps me up while trying to go to sleep, she can be so busy that I don’t fall asleep for hours or have to get out of bed. 

As for early trauma Kieth not only had to wear a cast to straighten his leg, his favorite Guinea Pig was killed and he was bullied unmercifully at school. This was his early start in the world. As we all know there are many hardships along the way and Kieth has more than his share. 

Kieth continues to struggle as he looks for the perfect job, each time being let down. He joins the RAF and finds out he’s not made up for all the yelling and insults from his superior. He continues to take us on his journey for answers.

This book is for anyone who has a monkey on the brain that continues to ask questions. or interferes with your daily activities. We all have an inner talk, it can be positive or negative talk. I would recommend this book to anyone who has anxiety, depression, or trauma in their background. 

Monkey Mind is also a great resource for parents who see their child struggling. It can help you understand what children go thru, since getting them to share their inner demons can be hard. 

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