Optimize Your Smartphone for Better Mental Health

Smartphones have come to dominate our lives, we use them for work, socializing, entertainment, and more; but they can seriously affect our mental well-being at the same time. Still, you don’t need to abandon your phone, simply optimize it and live a healthier lifestyle. Read on to find out how to make your smartphone lifestyle healthier and more beneficial.

Photo by MOHI SYED on Pexels.com

Hide Social Media 

Social media can enhance someone’s life significantly, it helps people to stay connected around the world and creates a space for self-expression; but there’s a dark side to social media that most people have encountered, the tendency to compare our lives to our friends and rivals. 

Social media and poor mental health have a close correlation because the platforms are as addictive as they are harmful. If you don’t want to take some breathing space from social media try hiding the apps on your smartphone so they are less convenient to locate spontaneously.  

Reduce Notifications 

A smartphone – like an internet itself – demands your attention! Apps, websites, and emails, all want to send you a notification about the latest update. Of course, this service can be useful if you require updates for your work or social life, but it also interferes with your everyday life. 

Living with a smartphone is a game of cat and mouse in some sense, the device is demanding your attention and you have to handle this demand responsibly. One of the best ways to reduce its hold on your life is to optimize the notifications of apps, chats, and websites, to relevant ones. 

Digital Downtime 

There’s nothing wrong with having an iPhone 13 in your life but you need to know how to use it to protect your mental health and wellbeing. If you find that your digital life is starting to stress you it’s time for digital downtime. Remember, the stress hormone can be very damaging for you. 

Digital downtime involves giving yourself permission to turn off your phone for a period and live life on your own terms. It can be challenging at first but separating yourself from your device indicates your level of attachment to technology. Train yourself to find a better overall balance.    

Mental Health Apps 

Smartphones might be the source of some mental health conditions, but they can also be the solution. There is a wide range of apps to support mental health and wellbeing, so browse through them and find one that supports your life situation the best. Here are a few options. 

Betterhelp is a therapy app; when you sign up to BetterHelp you get access to a wide range of accredited and experienced mental health therapists. The app matches you to a suitable practitioner and you can contact them when you need them. Insight Timer is for meditation.  

Final Thoughts 

Smartphones are an amazing piece of technology, modern devices have the same processing power as the Nasa computers in the 1960s that sent a mission to the mood. The downside is the mental health issues that go with the amazing capabilities. So look after your mental health. 

This is a collaborative post.



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