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Looking For The Light Blog Celebrates Nine Years

WordPress sent a nice badge informing me Looking for the Light Blog was celebrating its ninth anniversary. I can’t find the badge and will improvise. Looking for the Light became an outlet to share past trauma. The shame, guilt, self-hatred, my father’s suicide, each beating and bruise remembered. During this time I met many people going thru trauma and pain. I also met many … Read More Looking For The Light Blog Celebrates Nine Years


Ten Important Fibromyalgia Facts

National Fibromyalgia Association 1. ALWAYS believe in yourself emotionally and physically.  No one can tell you what you are experiencing is not real!  FM is a chronic medical disorder just like diabetes, hypertension, & asthma.  While there are still gaps in our complete understanding of FM, the symptoms are real, & patients’ concerns are legitimate.2. NEVER feel guilt for your illness.  FM isn’t something … Read More Ten Important Fibromyalgia Facts

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