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Zika Virus Spreads to 20 Latin American Countries and The Caribbean

Travelers Take Note  XxM JAN 22 2016, 7:03 PM ET Zika Virus Spreads to 20 Latin American Countries by MAGGIE FOX The Zika virus has now spread to 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including some popular tourist destinations, and it’s likely to spread farther, international health officials said. And evidence is strengthening that the virus may cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly. The virus can be expected to spread more, as the mosquitoes that carry it can be found across the region. It’s now spreading locally in Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Suriname, and Venezuela. Samoa, in the south Pacific, is also reporting Zika for the first time. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday repeated its recommendation that pregnant women avoid travel to affected countries until more is known about whether it can infect unborn babies. But a team of Brazilian researchers published early results of a study of 35 babies affected in Brazil last year that strengthen the evidence. The babies were born in August through October and all had confirmed microcephaly, which causes underdeveloped heads and brains. Microcephaly can be caused by a range of factors and two other babies were found to have other causes of their microcephaly — one had a virus called cytomegalovirus, and the other had a genetic disorder […]

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Throw Back Thursday *Jamming in to the Weekend*

I must have slept through the week, we can celebrate both days. Being at home I don’t have to know the day of week. Lyme Brain???????? Hello friends, I’m continuing to find the right Theme. Don’t be surprised when you drop by and see changes. I am trying to work WP on importing my previous blog. If you have any suggestion, I’m open for feedback. I enjoy playing DJ with your music suggestions. We have great request this week. Keep the request  coming my way. I wanted to DJ  at young in life Playing your tunes brings fond memories. One of my goals for 2016 is to learn more about friend/followers. I want to say  Thank You for dropping by for Throw Back Thursdays. Xx  M Don Henley plays a beautiful version of The Heart of the Matter   Hold on Loosely was requested by Selective Thought A great selection this week from Hyperion Strum

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Happy Birthday Granny, You are my role model

Granny is little girl in front, curly hair, cross eyed, gather around her siblings. Her life was shattered when her father died in 1930. Her mother could not manage the money, it must have been hard on the kids. Back in the old days the snake oil, fuller brush and many more stopped by. She would buy everything. Her oldest brother joined the Circus and traveled around the world. He returned home starting a career as a Concierge at upscale restaurant. Two of her brothers wanted money and fast. One became a bank robber, He and wife spent several years in prison.The day he walking out of jail, it was business as usual with eyes to cover his back. The older joined the local Mafia. At the time slot machines were the way to the money.The tragedy is he was murdered with cyanide. I am totally fascinated buy the Mafia. I tried not to think about him dying in what became my bedroom. Granny had tragedy through out her life. A lesser person might have crushed under the pressure. My father wasn’t even 2 years old when they where abandoned buy here husband. Granny worked hard labor to care for her son. She remarried my gramps when my father was 10 years old. My grandmother never gave up. She never said I don’t know, it was learn as you go. Granny was shy by nature and passive aggressive at time. […]

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NBC29 News Story On Cat Dissection

NBC29 News Story on Cat Dissection—Thanks to our Petition-Signers! Tamira Thayne Amissville, VA Jan 14, 2016 — Thanks to the overwhelming support of Americans on the petition against cat dissection in the high school classroom—now at 103,000 signatures—Brynnan and I were invited to discuss our position on a Charlottesville, VA NBC 29 news station. We are grateful to our signers who have made this possible—on behalf of those cats who cannot speak for themselves, and the students who are too afraid to speak out against this kind of traumatic experimentation in our school systems. As I made clear in the TV interview, “This [cutting up of cats by high school students] engenders a lack of respect for companion animals, and that’s the complete opposite of what we should be telling our students.” My daughter Brynnan further drives home the point in the interview: “We can’t dissect these cats, they are our companions…they are what we love, what we come home to, what we care about.” In speaking to a reporter from Culpeper County, VA yesterday, I was asked how many signatures will be enough to create change? I told her that was exactly the question, isn’t it? If 103,000 people are telling a school district that the practice is morally wrong, yet the school district is still passing out rhetoric like “We are following all guidelines set forth by the state of Virginia” instead of taking the concerns of parents, […]

Read More → Victoires Change Lives Around The World *Here are 2015 Hightlights* Melinda – Happy New Year! As we ready ourselves for the year ahead, we’re taking stock of all that you changed in 2015. More than 22.8 million of you were a part of the more than 4,500 victories that enacted new laws, overturned unjust convictions, and made life better for people around the world. This video shows just a handful of the amazing things our community accomplished in 2015: Didn’t contribute to one of these victories? You have more than 350 days to make your mark on 2016. So, as you’re making your resolutions, take a moment to think about what you want to see change in the world this year. Then, start your own petition! Starting and promoting your campaign on is simple: Write your petition, address it to the relevant decision maker, and start sharing your campaign with family and friends. Send your petition to your local media to get public support. Deliver your signatures to the decision maker and urge them to take a stand on your campaign. is a powerful tool for those who want to see change in 2016. Make it your resolution to make change today. Start your petition now. The team

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Becoming One *Erotic*

This my first attempt to write poetry as an Adult. Words came to me like never before. I welcome your feed back. I am nervous, feedback is generous. I haven’t  written another poem since. Maybe a memory of childhood poetry or Adult desire. Xx    M Soft music fills the room Relaxing smell of exotic flowers  My body is enjoying the aroma  Slipping […]

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Whats the Difference Between Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam? *Haters are not welcome*

*I found the article interesting and will validate with The Quran. The article is the opinion of the writer. Opinions are just that, an opinion. I’m not a hater declaring a Religion is bad. Have an open mind, it’s a diverse world and we have to adapt. My opinion is  terrorist misuse passages in the Quran, a Holy Book as a front for their cause not for Allah. * M The article Tensions in the Muslim world have risen even further in the wake of a mass execution of 47 men by the Saudi Arabian government, among whom was a prominent Shiite cleric named Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Saudi Arabia is a monarchy led by a Sunni Muslim family, while nearby power Iran is a theocracy led by Shiite Muslim clerics. In news coverage from the region we often hear of tensions between Sunni and Shia Islam, but find that few people in the Western world have been truly exposed to the differences between these two interpretations of one of Earth’s most influential faiths. What is the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam Around the World For starters, most Muslims (more than 85 percent of them) practice Sunni Islam. These form the majority of the population in most “Muslim” nations (the two most notable outliers from this trend are Iraq and Iran, where Shiites form the majority). Because these two sects must account for nearly 1.5 billion individuals around the world, it is also important […]

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