I care for my 92-year-old Gramps and have stayed the last five weeks. The lack of Caregiving 101 training, I learned the hard way. Someone may find value in the post I’m reblogging from 2009.

*Ask the doctor what happens if the  procedure does not work.

*If a second procedure is required and does not work, is there a third option.

*What is the recovery time and what type of home health services needed.

*Is the surgery necessary for a 92-year-old who is already dying!

Gramps went in for noninvasive surgery, nothing prepared me for the outcome. I’ve been through several surgeries with my grandfather. This procedure had not been performed before however it was non invasive. It actually sounded the least complicated procedure to date. I forgot nothing is normal or non -invasive at 92 years old. We went from going home that afternoon, to having three surgeries over the next seven days. I made the mistake of thinking the procedure would go as they had in the past. Age makes all the difference, just five years at this stage in life can change everything.

I’m blessed to spend this time with my grandfather. We still have a long road ahead. It is very emotional and life changing because I’ve become the parent and he doesn’t like me telling him anything especially when to take his medicine. He has raised his voice at me more in the past month than in my lifetime. It’s hard to take it in stride. The stress has triggered my depression so I struggle to keep myself in check and take care of my grandfather.


Xx  M   aka Warrior

3 Comments on “Caregiver 101 Tips I Missed

    • Thank you Meghan. Both of gransparents have passed now however their are many caregivers today. I have a few more post written while taking care of them. I’ll take all the prayers I can get. Bless you. 🙂


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