Free to Fly

My emotions are raw today. It’s 4:45 pm and still in my pajamas. I’m sad and confused. When buried memories bubble up I work hard to lock them back up. I saw the ladybug on the roses, it brought the biggest smile. The excitement was enough to grab the camera. A smile is a great distraction, half a smile is better than none. All I can give is a half-smile today. Guilt took over, guilt tells me I’m lazy and my husband is going to leave me. I know it’s the illness talking but it hit me hard today because I was weak.



    1. Hiding in the open Twin P,
      That is hilarious. I have hundreds pee stories.You skipped straight to pee when we didn’t get started good on poo stories. Are you saying, you never pooped on yourself? I know your kids have you plenty of poo stories. Thank you for the dedication.
      :0 :0
      Awaiting poo stories Twin M


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