Those are my brain waves? What do they say?

I went to my General doctor for shoulder pain three months ago. He refered me to a Neurologist. After several test, I know both legs have nerve damage, I have abnormal brain waves in two areas with no seizures and I’m falling more.

She did two testย to measure my brain waves, one test lasted three days. My follow-up appointment next week. I’m hopeful for an answer. I’ve been told the MRI didn’t have lesions. What does that mean? We can rule out MS? The doctor told me to buy a cane, try walking with a cane and balance issues. I scare myself practicing in the house.

My stress levels are higher than normal because it took two years to diagnosisย my heart problems. The wait was frustrating, scary and painful. I fell into the darkest depression, delusional, hallucinating, I wanted to die. I stayed in-house for a week of ECT treatments and three weeks of outpatient treatments. I’ve survived many adversities. My past has made me a survivor. Having an awesome Therapist which makes a huge difference.

The challenge is keeping a check on my mood daily without focusing on my illness. Easy to say right? Long term stress can kick me down a dark well.

I started this blog to learn, share and relieve stress by talking to people who understand. The health issues I’m dealing with have nothing to do with my Mental Illness.



    1. Perky Twin P,
      Not doing so well the past few days. I’ve kept my emotional vomit under control. Now if I could do the same with the pain. I’ve laid in bed trying to sleep, my husband thinks that works, not for me. For sure not in this pain. I can feel the pain move from place to place and my body responds accordingly.
      Crying from pain and for sleep Twin M,


      1. ScheiรŸe Twin… (that means shit).
        Did you try acupuncture? I know it sounds crazy and you need to believe in it, but it did help me. I’m not saying you have to go and get it, you can see if some nice Chinese (like a cousin of the guy from the supermarket near my parents), can go and work on you (that sounded dirty!) a couple of evenings before you go to bed.
        I can tell (from my own experience) that, it helped me reduce the swelling on my legs, it cured me the tooth pain I had for days and couldn’t take anything because I was pregnant, and I slept like a rock after every session. Some days while I was there, I cried or laugh… I’m not sure how those needles work but they took A LOT of pain out of me.
        See if that could work for you. I’ll search in a bit Lyme and acupuncture, who knows??
        Healing hug
        Twin P


        1. Twin P,
          There are many natural or alternative therapies that can help, better for later in treatment. I firmly believe in Acupuncture and Chiropractors, no way I could lay on a table or have someone push on my body. Right now my body is attacking itself and the meds are attacking as well. It’s the shitty nature of the Lyme beast. On the other side of healing you body is prepared for the extra treatments. The virus is attacking not only my body but it’s having a break dancing party in my brain. That’s what is causing all the neurological symptoms. I’ve taken four pain pills & relaxers is three hours without a dent. You just have to hang on when something is eating your cells. Fat cells no problem, brain cells problem. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Twin M


          1. Twin P,
            I agree, soon is approx. year timeframe up to three years in the chronic state.I will age not so gracefully, throw up more times than can count and be a shadow of self on other side. That’s ok, it’s the other side I’m looking for no matter how long. Once healthy, I work hard to pamper my body and get it in stealth form.
            Twin M


          2. I know you will!!
            Visualize getting a pedicure near the pond (there is no way in hell I let someone touch my feet, so I’ll be visualizing my Irish butler moving the palm tree ๐Ÿ˜€ ).
            hugs! and ZZZzzzzzleeeeep

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          3. Twin P,
            No problems with a pedicure here, only at salon, picky about who touches these toes. My feet are the only ticklish part of my body.You have problem with people touching any part of your body, no clue how you had 5 kids. That must take some sweet talking or more than one drink. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a small snack, David will wake up soon and I’m doubling up on pain meds and trying again. The problem is your whole schedule is thrown off and meds aren’t taken at right time. This week has really hard. I didn’t fill my super jumbo size pill minder so that’s the order first thing in morning. Oh wait it is morning, ok in a couple of hours. What I’m going thru with Lyme is happening everywhere and so few people understand the effects. I’m on the mission to educate everyone I can. The thought of a child going thru this pain is unbearable. Where do kids play, every where there is tall grass, scrubs and trees, without proper protection.
            Twin M


          4. OMG Twin you are still awake!!!
            I’m so sorry Twin. I know about the messed up schedule very well.
            It’s true, not many people know about how BAD Lyme could be.
            I’m not sure where/when I got the touching repulsion but it’s there since I remember. I wonder about the 5 kids too ๐Ÿ™‚
            But I told you, some men get privileges ๐Ÿ™‚
            Twin P


          5. I have MANY secrets ๐Ÿ™‚
            And luckily some men lost their privileges… I’m waiting for those who HAVE to ear some. (Thinking about breaking some roof tiles now).


          6. Irish, what’s wrong with a nice German man or a savvy Frenchman with that beautiful accent. I have a thing for many accents. Some not so much but many. Love Russian, Slovaks, in the general area. I’ve had a fascination with Russia since high school. I kept wondering if the kids we were supposed to hate were like me. No one has to tell me I think to much.


          7. ๐Ÿ˜€ I always wanted an Irish or Scottish boyfriend. That could still happen.
            I have a thing for German (language)… Whispering in German in my ears makes me tingle. I think it’s so sexy. I never had a proper German whispering, but I’m still hoping ๐Ÿ™‚
            I have a thing for foreigners (also a radar). I love to know about how are things everywhere else. Then you get to really know the place/people.
            I’d love to go to Russia too. My dream is to go on the 11 days trip on the TransSiberian ๐Ÿ™‚
            I’m feeling terrible because you are still awake (in pain).
            Twin P

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  1. I can only imagine the pain, the fear and the anguish behind these pictures…sometimes life takes us to scary places where only faith and the care of our loved ones is lightening our paths…Dearest Melinda, you’re a role model to me, someone I’ll always look up to. My thoughts, my prayers and my love are there, with you, in this battle against Lyme…a battle that you’re going to win.

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    1. Dear friend Cari,
      You always have the kindest words. Everyone has a path to walk, pain comes in many forms and we have to march forward, give up or die. I’ll keep marching,if not marching, I can roll on in my wheelchair. I am a formidable opponent, Lyme is not going to knock me down for good. Pain teaches us what we a made of, I’ve fought to hard to stop fighting now. Role model is pretty heavy, I certainly don’t fit that mold. I’m glad your at my side during this journey and for where ever life takes us. Sending good karma your way.


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