Nigerian Militants Kidnap 250+ Schoolgirls for Slaves or Marriage

Under the cover of darkness Nigerian Militants raid girls school kidnaping close to 300 girls. Some were able to escape yet stranded far from school. Their future is grime, girls as young as 9 years old are sold as slaves or prostitutes. For older girls the future is just as bleak. Girls as young as 12 years old will endure the horrific pain of Female Mutilation before being sold into marriage or prostitutes. International Trafficking is growing and the atrocities against young girls continue. Now is a good time to educate yourself on the complex issues. President Obama spoke out against the crime and Militants responded by kidnapping more girls. As mentioned earlier the issue is complex. This post is a high level overview of the issue. I want to do research, including responses from other countries and more specifically what President Obama has committed to. I received an e-mail yesterday from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on International Trafficking that I have yet to dig into. This situation has reached a tipping point for me. I will post a follow up very soon. I’m going to leave you with a quote from Amnesty International.

In many parts of the world, poverty and discrimination affect women’s ability to access education and exercise control over their own bodies. As a result, women and girls all over the world are at risk of violence, forced marriage, genital mutilation, unsafe abortions and human trafficking.    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL



  1. I wonder how many wars have been fought to free the world’s most precious resource, our women and children. The problem is a global epidemic. Nothing short of the fully coordinated weight of nations behind the problem will bring any relief for the millions abused each year.


    1. I just saw large protest in Nigeria and many in US. Several Major cities have large Nigeria population and they were protesting saying “Bring our girls back”. At least it is getting attention. A petition on is using the same language. I will include link to petition in follow up post. It looks like it’s going to get worse before better. I read they are selling girls for $12! How can this be?


        1. I saw the Nigerian President make a statement about the support the US is providing. I don’t know about the government to know if he’s another Mugabe or working hard to get the Militants out. It’s terrible to think about them dead as just a sad to think of life ahead for them if not found. Sounds like you should be writing the post. You’re plugged into the knowledge. Are you from Nigeria? The few Nigerians I’ve meet have been the nicest, most grateful and community oriented people. I love the accent. When my grandfather was dying a Nigerian minister came to the house, I understood what he was saying but grandfather had no clue, just shock his head. He was not used to hearing other accents. The minister called later to see if I needed anything. He had not been in America long. Have a great day.


          1. And it occurred to me initially to say that militants doesn’t befit these abductors. The word’s ‘terrorists’. Militants are(were) the people involved in the business-oriented pipeline vandalism and kidnappings in the Niger-Delta region. So when you say militants, we would think about those people. It’s actually why I read your post. Like I wondered If the militants were back in business cos kidnapping was their forte.


          2. Thanks for explaining the difference. I wasn’t clear on the difference but the Media here kept using militants. Would it fair to say that terrorist focus on people/communities and militants are focused on business? I have so much to learn but that’s what make the world go round for me. I might not feel safe going many places today as an American but I still want to know what is happening. It’s hard sometimes because the fighting started so long ago. Thanks again.


          3. Yes, I could surely say that. But the militants have been put out of business by rehabilitating them under the Amnesty program by the past president, Umaru Musa Yar’adua. Well, I may start on the info dispersing blog posts. I just didn’t think anyone wanted to know.


        2. You’ve already written the post. I found it interesting. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell, even in US if leaders are working for the people or themselves. I will follow you to see what information you have. You’re much closer to the situation. I do care. Have a Great day.


          1. It is difficult to live so far away and be unfamiliar with a horrific tragedy like these innocent girls. It breaks my heart. What get’s me is I thought this happened in the past few days when it happened several weeks ago. Why did I not hear the news? I’ll be praying for a positive outcome. I know mother’s hearts are breaking. Take care.


          2. My boyfriend who is American actually asked me exactly that. For some reason, I forgot to tell him about it. It’s been a highly controversial issue. Some say it didn’t really happen. That it was something that was cooked up by the opposition to attack the government with. The president hadn’t made any speech on the matter except to say “We’re on top of the situation” while continuing with his campaign from state to state. This issue, I think, wouldn’t have being caught by the foreign media If the terrorist group leader hadn’t released the hour-long video to the Associated Press I think. It may have been buried if it was released internally.


          3. That would be a complete tragedy. I knew the President was new but not much else. I haven’t seen any footage. It’s footage of the kidnapping? I’ll look around, I’m sure I can find it.


          4. No, He was the vp when the sitting President, Yar’adua, died. He became the acting president for the rest of the tenure. Then was elected in ’11 as the President. Now, he’s seeking reelection for a second tenure. So, he’s been around the block (I didn’t get that saying, did I? )


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