Terrorist Convert Hundreds of Schoolgirls To Muslims? NOT!

Does BoKo Haram think we are ignorant? What child would not comply with a machine gun pointed at her? We are not ignorant and you will be held ACCOUNTABLE.

If you were one of the almost 300 schoolgirls kidnapped almost a month ago by terrorist, wouldn’t you say anything with machine guns pointing at you? I don’t believe for one minute over 100 girls asked for a terrorist group to convert them from Christian to Muslims. They are not given a choice, they received instructions to get in front of cameras and say what we rehearsed or you’re dead. These brave girls are being held hostage in the jungle by terrorist group BoKo Haram. They did not go voluntarily and have not had any choices since their school burned down. What cowards, dressed as Police Officers to convince the girls to go with them. The group is also responsible for killing 1,500 in the last month. The level of violence has escalating. I know terrorist are not trustworthy, THEY ARE TERRORIST. They are not terrorist bringing of goodwill to Nigeria.

They are suggesting a trade, the girls for clan members in prison. This morning I heard the President is considering negotiating. From where I sit, it’s a death sentence. It shows the government does not want to get its hands dirty. Almost 300 schoolgirls and the blood of 1,500 people are on your hands. Why is the government of Nigeria sitting on its hands. The President took three weeks to make a comment. I haven’t heard actions Nigeria is taking, other countries are looking for the girls. Where is the Military? Why was the group allowed continued growth? This type of terrorist act happens in many countries everyday, is the Nigerian government blind? Incapable of planning for the inevitable?

The Qur’an is universally known as the sacred book of Islam, the religion of submission to the will of God. The Qur’an assures evil doers do not have a place in afterlife.

All terrorist hide behind religion, twist the words to justify horrific acts and the laws don’t apply to them.

Allah doesn’t have a problem with kidnapping schoolgirls and killing villagers with bombs. WRONG!



  1. Good post!

    I am working on one similar regarding the forced conversion. As your reader points out above (or perhaps it will be below when this posts), “forced conversions are not conversions.” Be it Christian or Islam, you use your mouth to speak the words but you must believe it in your heart.

    I am saddened to have read that some of the abducted girls’ parents have not considered this and are ashamed that their daughters have “converted” in a bargain for their lives.

    To them I say, “Yes, the matter of whom your daughters consider God is a very important issue; in terms of their eternal souls there is none greater. But words spoken at gunpoint and under perhaps greater duress than you can even imagine, do not a conversion make! Can you not imagine your own selves saying anything just to survive the day, to see your family once more? Is it so important to you that the words not touch their lips that you’d have them raped again or beaten worse, or be killed? The Lord their God needs not be defended by the words of the innocent nor would He punish them for lying to these murderous heathen to save their skin. He would look into their hearts before judging them, and as they’re your beloved I would hope you would do the same.”


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Yes, I would do many things to save my life. These are scared children being used as a bargaining chip. I’m sorry if my post implied their parents are ashamed of them. That was not the message I wanted to send. The father who was looking at the video to see if he could see his daughter and crying. He was not crying in shame, he recognized several girls but not his daughter Mary. My heart breaks for the girls, I’m in America and do not understand the dynamics on the ground. As always the media can make things look different than they are. I am not Muslim but do read the sacred book to learn what our God wants from us. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by using only part of a reading vs my friend below who used the whole reading. I have learned a great deal from Muslims all over the world. We are all Gods children. I will read your post once complete, it will add to my education of the religion and how others think. Have a great day.

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      1. Oh, oh, no, no…it was elsewhere that I read that some parents, or a parent, seemed ashamed by the news that his daughter had converted … not from your post. I even need to offer that I could have misinterpreted the article myself; I’ll certainly be more clear on the point when it’s published.

        My point is just that, after all they’ve been through already, I hope the girls who will hopefully be rescued will not then also be shamed by their families. That would be so unfair.

        I, too, am in America, by the way, and am in a relationship (over the internet, at this point) with a beautiful Nigerian woman. This relationship is the subject of my / our blog, The BlaqWeasel Journals.

        We would love to have you follow us. 🙂


        1. It is so easy to misunderstand the situation when so far away. Is your girlfriend CoCo? I’ve been talking to her often. She has been extremely helpful in understanding what is happening in Nigeria. Have a great day. I will keep praying the girls come home soon safely. 🙂


          1. Yes, Coco is my girlfriend. Such a precious girl.

            I noticed your comments; I follow her blog closely.

            Take care, man, and thank you for the kind words.


    2. God always knows what in our hearts and what we need. He is watching over the girls to comfort and keep them safe. We all have the honor to join our God if we live right. Our hope from the physical is we have a long good life. We now that doesn’t happen, the innocent are called home to young and we don’t understand. I pray for these girls and for country of Nigeria. The news scares me. I wish the President was a stronger leader. The people around the world have to keep protesting and putting pressure on the government to do something. I don’t want to see this horrific act turn tragic. I hope you are in a safe area. CoCo is your girlfriend? She has really helped me understand the culture and said she said her boyfriend is American. Please tell her hell in case I don’t take to her for a few days. Have a great day.


      1. She is, and I will.

        I feel very much the same as your comments here. There is too much politicking going on over there and not enough rescuing. I am just grateful that for the present the danger is far from her door.

        Good day!


  2. Great post, Warrior.

    The Qur’an says “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Forced conversions are not conversions. They are also against the word of God and the spirit of Islam.

    The holy book also says that to kill one innocent person, it is as if you murdered the whole world.

    Warrior, you are right to point out that terrorists hide behind their twisted version of religion. God WILL have a problem with that.

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    1. Thank you for reading! It makes me feel good when someone from group takes the time to read a post. There many readings in the Qur’an that make it clear the terrorist will have firewood under them in afterlife. All I’d heard of was Paradise yet have not read enough of the Qur’an to understand how you get there.The Jihadist would have us believe that killing an American will get you a free pass in. More of the twisted brainwashing from their leaders. I have been reading on and off about Islam since I was 16. I wrote my high school paper on Islam, everyone thought I was crazy. My interest was born out of two guys in my History class from Jordan. No one ever spoke to them, to shallow minded. I would sit with them before class and ask all about Jordan and the religions. Like I’ve said I’m a curios person. They introduced me to a religion I had not heard of. A couple years ago I bought the official English translation of the Qur’an. I refer to it for many questions. We are more alike than not as the same with Jewish. We all believe in God. Putting firewood under you at death sounds like our hell. I have had a wonderful education from people on the ground in Nigeria and Pakistan. They have been generous with their time answering my questions. Are you Muslim?

      Thanks for your comments.


      1. That’s wonderful, Looking! It’s always great to meet people who are genuinely curious (and open-minded) – and actually take the time to learn about something before forming an opinion. And yes, I am Muslim (a convert – though we say ‘revert’).

        Islam sees Christians and Jews as all ‘people of the book’ 🙂 It’s a beautiful faith, and so hurtful when people like Boko H twist it to try to excuse their own evil. But I guess that’s what all people of faith have been going through, possibly since the beginning of time!


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