Brave Heart Award

The Brave Heart Mission Statement

To encourage all those (men & women) who have been abused (all abuse) to share their hope with others so that they will no longer be a victim but a survivor that knows they are loved.


A Victims Journal nominated me for the Brave Heart Award. There are not enough words to express how helpful, positive and inspiring she is to me. I admire her raw and honest post. The feedback she gives is no less raw. Her sixth sense of knowing when you need a boost or a little prodding helps keep me on track. I feel like she reads all of my post and always has a hug and positive affirmation.

 Rules of Acceptance:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer 12 questions put before you.
Nominate/award 12 bloggers.
Notify nominees/awardees with a link to their blogs on yours.

12 Questions Asked

1.Tell us a bit about your blog. Who designed it

The blog is an avenue to tell my story of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I believe it also serves as a resource for men & women alike. I used a Word Press template and designed myself.

2. What is the title and description of your blog?

Looking for the Light is my blog which focuses on my story of abuse  and Mental Illness.

3. Who is your intended audience?

Anyone who has suffered trauma. I believe we can all help each other.

4. How did you come up with the title of your blog?

I’m Bipolar and in my worst times it gets very dark.  It sounded positive and I thought others could relate.

5. Give us an interesting fun fact about your blog.

One of the greatest rewards of blogging is meeting people from around the world.

6. What other blogs do you own and what makes them alike?

I have two inactive blogs. Life Full of Memories and Defining Memories. The blogs include photography and the challenges of being a caregiver to my grandparents. When I decided to blog about abuse and Mental Illness I wanted a fresh start.

7. Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?       

I’m very curious. You will find books on totally unrelated topics in my bookcase.

8. How can we contact you or find out more about your blog?

9. What can we expect from you in the future?

More honest, no holding back post and offering a hand when possible.

10. What can readers who enjoy your blog do to help make your blog more successful?

Ask questions, leave good relies and keep coming back. ReBlog post that can help their followers.

11. Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers/bloggers?

Be honest and keep writing what you care about.

12. Before you go, could you share a snippet from your blog?

9 Year Old  Living in Hell

My brother and I called our stepfather a Nazi because he was mostly German and he would beat our mother unmercifully daily. Her crimes as we knew them were not having dinner ready or not warm enough. The kids were to loud, noise was not allowed in the house, he was an alcoholic with major control issues. I was 9 years old, my brother six & half years old and our two-step brothers where much younger. 

Here are my nominees/awardees:

  Please check out each our nominees blog, I’m sure you will learn, laugh or cry.

http:/    Blog: Unspoken Truth    Blog:Nior

http://frombehindcloseddoors    Blog: Live & Learn    Blog: More than Skin Deep    Blog:From Behind Closed Doors   Blog: Willy Nilly To and Fro




    1. You are way to kind. Thank you, I was so happy you didn’t have one already. I hope you are not in darkness. You’re building a new life and it’s a delicate time. Be good to yourself, no beating yourself up for things you can’t control. Remember, glass of wine and hot lavender salt bath. Have a great weekend. Go have fun.


  1. Gosh it took me a minute to figure out what your post about nominating me meant. Forgive me for being so new! Thank you for the nomination and for continued support. It is so nice to have a group of people to gain insight, support and strength from every day! Now to figure out how to nominate others lol!


    1. I’m all over the board. Photography, travel, art, The Vatican, Many on Mental Illness, Surviving the death of a loved one. I needed all the help out there when my gramps died. Motivational Christian slant, several Bibles including the one I received at 4 yrs. old, a couple on the Jewish religion, The Qur’an and a learners guide to reading the Qur’an. Poetry, Philosophy and Computer related. I purchased not long ago this huge set which covers the places the Queen owns. One of the best books, The Worst Hard Time walks you thru the DustBowl years. It is the perfect example of people doing everything to survive. I was raised by my grandparents and they remember those years. stenciling, antiques and interior design. That’s in my office, outside my office is a cabinet full antique books given to me or bought. I love Half Price Books. I have some books over 100 years old given to me by my Aunt. I should put the in archival sleeves but I love looking at old books. So how many did you guess I might have?:)


      1. I believe you are a seeker😊 I smiled about the art related subjects (I was born the “unartist” in my family)… I am a bit of a book hoarder, and I am passing on the love to my little ones. We have a warehouse that sells used books-shelves from floor to about 10-12 feet up….. The only way to shop is to go to a subject area and start looking for a title that resonates….invigorating!


        1. I don’t have art skills but do collect art and love going to museums. I am a seeker, all my live. I’m working on a post that shows how young I was when the seeker in me came out. Are you using a formula to determine I’m a seeker. I gave away at least a hundred books to charity. Some books you read once, some change you life and you want them close by. Book shopping with you sounds fun!


          1. I look forward to reading that post! Hmmm….the formula…a variety of religious readings+self-help/looking inward+art/photography/nature (mystery of beauty in the world)+ things of the past=SEEKER….it’s a beautiful and special title!


          2. I forgot to include Genealogy and Genetics. My love of books was born out of my mother telling how stupid I was almost daily. I would go to the Goodwill with my grandmother and spend an hour in the corner. Dragging something home. When I realized my mother had it all wrong, I starting to push myself on topics out of my league. Genetics is one but I’m learning. I’m also an expert level researcher on the internet. That’s where I spend hours on hours learning about my heart problems. Now I am doing everything I can to help doctors find out what is wrong. I just pray that it doesn’t take 2 years like finding my heart problems. I get bummed out do the pain but I get back up again. There’s an answer. I took the conversation to bit of a downer. I believe you are very spiritual person. You reply’s to post a uplifting and yet makes you think. That’s good. 🙂


          3. Definitely great what you are doing to be proactive about your heart! The more you know, the more you can assist the doctors. They are just people. Your grandmother sounds like my mom. When I escaped my abuser, I cried when I thought of all my books and the kids books that were still with him. He doesn’t even read-I use to have to read everything for him!
            You are right on about my spirituality! Since the age of about 8… It got buried up in the abuse, but has emerged stronger than ever!
            Thanks for the great conversation!


  2. Thank you for the kind words…I am blushing right about now… This award is well deserved for you because it is fitting…a brave heart you are and a Brave Heart you were given! ❤


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