Get the Media out of the Trenches!

Post written 2/7/06

It’s relevant today as the day written. Time to dust it off. Let’s hear what you think.

This week several journalist, American and Iraqi soldiers died in an attack while outside their vehicle doing an interview. Journalist Bob Woodruf isn’t even back to work from his brush with death and now a competing station loses several employees. Media giants will do anything to boost ratings and bottom line. If employees and soldiers have to die, it’s the cost of doing business. One of the top female journalist was gang raped in Egypt, being pulled by each limb. She later said thoughts of being pulled apart crossed her mind. Then put on a happy face and went right back to Egypt. How can we set back and accept this? How can the CEO of these corporations live with blood on their hands? How can shareholders not hold them accountable? It is a shame profits drive them to allow journalist to make a decision to put their life in danger.

The military shares responsibility, now is time to review policy on the sheer number of journalist on the ground, embedded with troops and reporting from hot zones. Journalist have chronicled wars from behind the lens for years. It is important to have the current news today and for history.You’re not casting the next Reality Show. It’s war or hot zone, journalist are endangering the lives of soldiers, locals and themselves. It is a ratings war that can only be won by someone losing a life.

This is REALITY and journalist need to get out-of-the-way and let our soldiers do what they trained to do and come home alive not do interviews in a hot zone.



  1. This is one of my rants as well. Like so much in our lives today, information in the form of conflict reporting, is simply out of control with very little value to the consumer and great harm to the journalists, as you mentioned, and significant risk to operations and personnel of the military and host nations. Any real value coming from conflict reporting is lost in the quagmire of useless story mongering for ratings.


    • What me on the soapbox or journalist getting themselves and others killed. You don’t do street interviews when a war is going on. The lady who was raped, it was terrible. There was a crowd 50-100 people blocking her from getting out. They beat her head on the ground. Why would a beautiful blonde go to Egypt during all the protest? XO


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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