Sudanese Mother Mariam Yehya Ibrahim Gave Birth in Prison to Baby Girl

May 27, 2014

Thank you so much for signing the petition to #saveMariam. This morning Mariam gave birth in prison to a baby girl. Her husband has not yet been allowed to visit Mariam and her newborn baby. Her young son also remains with her in prison. Media reports ( state that she will be able to nurse her baby for two years before her death sentence. Please continue to share the petition information with everyone you know. They can sign at:  Thank you.

The Sudanese government postponed killing Mariam for not denouncing her Christian faith.  In an effort to show how generous Sudan is, Mariam can nurse for two years and take care of 20 month old in prison before her death sentence. As an America, a Christian and human, this story breaks my heart. It’s not one situation, it is the culture of women are not worthy. I’m so happy she is alive but can only imagine the stress on her and the children. If she makes it two years without being raped or beaten it’s a miracle.

I pray our collective power of shining a bright light on the issue will let her go home. What about the children, I haven’t read any statements about where the children will go upon her death. This is a terrible crime against humanity. This type of abuse is rampant in the area for Women. Terrorist run the county.

I will keep focused on faith for a good outcome.


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