Texas Teenager Facing Life in Prison for Baking Marijauana Brownies

There’s a new petition taking off on Change.org, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

Jana Duty: You promised to “restore integrity to the Williamson County District Attorney’s office” & use alternative sentencing. Reduce Jacob’s charges to misdemeanor possession.

By Robert Butler
Round Rock, Texas

Jacob Lavoro is a teenager facing life in prison for baking marijuana brownies in Round Rock, Texas. He’s a young man who has never been in trouble with the law before, and has always been a great kid who we love very much. I live in the same city as Jacob Lavoro and I felt a responsibility to help stand up for him. Our county has a history of excessively punishing minor crimes or even innocent people to “send a message” that has little do with justice or the best interests of the community. In this case, the sentencing rules are being abused and stretched to increase a punishment that does not fit the allegations. The police apparently included the full weight of the brownies: flour, sugar, water, etc and the plastic containers that held them to determine the weight of the illegal hash oil used to bake the brownies. If our petition can convince Jana Duty, the District Attorney in Williamson County, to follow through on her campaign promises to clean up Williamson County’s justice system and offer alternative sentencing options then we hope that there will be justice for Jacob Lavoro and that county residents can breathe easier under a less oppressive atmosphere. If Jacob Lavoro receives a harsh sentence, it will destroy this young man’s life and leave a permanent mark of injustice in Williamson County, Texas. Please join us today to stand up against unfair sentencing and ruining a young man’s life. Sign and share the petition today!


Please go to Change.org to sign Robert’s Petition.


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