Thank You For Signing Petition! Meriam Yehya Freed After Sudanese Appeals Court Ruling

Petition Update on Sudan prisoner Meriam Yehya

Government of Sudan: Don’t execute Meriam Yehya Ibrahim for being Christian #SaveMeriam received 985,603 supporters. 

23 Jun 2014 — Today a Sudanese appeals court ordered Meriam’s release from the prison where for months she’s been awaiting execution for her refusal to renounce her Christian faith. The decision comes after almost a million people from around the world — including you! — signed my petition on that added to the chorus of international voices demanding justice for Meriam.

Over the past few months world leaders like David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, have spoken out against Meriam’s imprisonment, and media coverage of her story has raised an important conversation about religious freedom and women’s rights around the world.

I started my petition after I saw how the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, focused on freeing 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria, got over a million signatures and launched a global movement that spurred governments to take action. Now, thanks to our voices, a young mother and her children have been freed from prison and the right to religious freedom is a little bit safer.

Over the next few days we will be monitoring reports from Sudan; we cannot let our guard down until we are sure Meriam is home with her family and safe from other threats.

But let today’s events be a message to the rest of the world that we will not stand by and let injustice happen. We’ve proven once again that coming together online can make a real difference toward the goal of human rights for everyone.


I can not express the joy overflowing in my heart upon receiving this e-mail. I am bursting with excitement for her and her family. It feels wonderful to take part in a peaceful demonstration, a demonstration catching the attention of several governments. I will remain guarded due to experiences with governments who go back on their word. We did it, you read the post, signed the petition and now remain optimistic. What a glorious day.


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    • Now if we can all come together and stop BoKo Haram. I was reading an article this morning. I’m sure things aren’t what they look like, but to me the government is clueless. Is it possible the government is curupt and allowing them to spread the killing. I haven’t read enough to really know the fine details but it looks like this is going to continue to grow and it’s pissing me off. Put me in politics and give me a couple of machine guns and a posse, I’ll go hunt them down. This Boko Haram dude is crazy, who other than terrorist deccide, I’m going over to Nigeria and install Islamic Law? I can’t relate being here in America but I’m human and care for all people Christain, Muslim, Jewish or whatever. I don’t care for terrorist and I don’t think God would punish me to harsh for saving peoples lives. Sorry to go on, I’m jacked up after just reading. I’m a filled with complete joy Sudan released Meriam. I hope there is not a back lash when everone looks the other way. Congrats on the award. Pick a good video now!!!!!!


      • I’m not a spring chicken either :). And it’s a school night!! I don’t mind going to bed late. I do mind having to wake up early. I HATE mornings 🙂


      • Writing is very addictive! I limited myself to “one post a day” and if I write more, I can’t publish it. 🙂
        I get lost in my thoughts and forget things… I can live with that! My kids don’t 🙂


      • I agree. Sometimes if I feel a slide coming a may stockpile a couple. I also write what I call Service Announcements, which have three to post. I have an award to give out, it’s almost complete. Then I received an Award that’s kind of a biggie so trying to get a jump on that, then turn around a nominate blogs for that. Awards take time but I appreciate someone acknowledging my work and it is so fun to give awards out! 🙂


      • I got one today from WP said it was my 5 yr anniversary. You’ve just started, keep writing from you heart, get back to people for comments and for visiting your site and you’ll have plenty to admire. It also helps if you follow most everyone who follows you in the beginning. Then you can bump a few off.


      • I started almost 2 years ago. I posted the chapters of a story, then it became a book. Then I didn’t feel like doing anything anymore and stopped for over a year until I met a man playing an online game and he inspired me to start writing again… I’m SO grateful for that :)!!


      • That must be a good story- man playing on line game inspires you to write again. It could be crazier. I didn’t realize you had been blogging so long. That tells you I havev’t scoured your site. I read most post in the morning thru reader. It’s a short cut but I want to get my likes and comments out before I dig into my day. That’s great you had a book published. Bet that made you feel great. :)Where do you live? I thought I saw it’s 8:00? there


      • I’ll publish it as soon as it’s all in proper English 🙂
        I live in Holland, 7 hours ahead… (9.09am now).
        Today I just posted my 198th post :)… So I’ll be drinking cider on Friday!!! Oh, I’m from Argentina so my English is not very strong.


      • Sound fine to me. I bet there is a story behind how you went from Argentenia to Holland. The climates are not alike and they very far from each other. Let me guess, a man? You’re getting started for day and I hours past my bedtime. You’re probably enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tee and contiplating yur day. Almost 200 post that’s great.!!!!! Is cider another word for alcohol or apple cider?


      • It’s 9:00am and it’s not breakfast! I would be starved by now. We all do crazythings for love. As long as you happy, in charge of your happiness, I’d say it worked out. I will have to give them a look tomorrow. I way past overtime, so off to bed for me. Talk to you tomorrow. 🙂


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