Operation Infinite Justice "Where the Stars and Strips and the Eagle Fly"

I saw the video this morning, memories flashed, I found my notes. This is for all the heroes including victims and families. Sending out big hugs.  


Notes I made as horror unfolds.

The face of America and the free world has changed. America is under attack by terrorist. Four planes hijacked, two planes crashed in to both World Trade Center buildings. Not long after a plane crashed in to Pentagon and one crashed in field in Pennsylvania. Both towers fell to ruble, a shocking sight. As the buildings crash the air looked like a volcano. Fatalities are high. The fire’s rage on at Pentagon. We learned plane crashed in PA targeting White House. Airforce One possible target, no information on how.

The second day airspace locked down. The reaction from around the world is amazing. Even China has provided their support in the event of war. We have committed to use what ever means we have to fight terrorist. Bomb threat for Empire State, bomb dogs picked up a positive reading. Manhattan is a war zone. Several buildings evacuated, no other incidents.

I’m embarrassed by the people who deface Mosque.

So many not displaying flag.

Doesn’t seem right to turn television off. It’s so hard to process what happened this week.

What’s financial impact, how devastating ?

I heard my first helicopter since Tuesday. My mind flashed, how would Dallas respond? Do we have the protection needed?

It’s been a week, so much accomplished. No one found alive since last Wednesday.


Troops on alert including reservist. 5,432 people still missing. Afghanistan has launched a Holy War. What’s Holy about war?


The war is now called Operation Infinite Justice. The order signed for troops to move, no details. As many as 150 aircraft staging. Tomorrow ground troops get orders.


It is hard to watch families say goodbye as troops head out.



  1. This brings back a lot of memories. Most of us know precisely where we were when this happened. I was gearing up for war the next morning. I told one of my teammates, our lives just changed forever. I didn’t underestimate the enormity of what happened to us all that day. I’m glad you wrote your thoughts down and shared them.


    • I was scheduled to leave for Russia when the first was hit, my gramps called desparate, don’t worry it must be small commuter. One the way to airport picked up bits from other passengers, someone said who would do this strangely I said Bin Laden. I didn’t know shit about any of the people who had enough anything to hit us. I new in my heart and like you knew life as we know it is over. It may get better or worse but is for different. I was so jacked up, I was like just give me a damn gun I go kick his ass. I can’t say I imagined we would be here. I would like to lay blame to make me feel better for the lost and families torn apart. I’m on my soap box,the people who are responsible for the health of our soldiers failed. Look how long it took to admit Agent Orange. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, then what the fuck do our soldiers have. War trumps child abuse. It pisses me off what the VA has done and not enough heads rolled for my liking. I really liked the Arron Tippen song, the line about the price of war. It’s like who do you think pays for this the tooth fairy. Sorry you don’t need someone who has never been there going on. You have you’re own baggage of three tours. Both videos showed the other side of war, the one most don’t think about. We are indebted to every soldier for every injury and providing healing to the best of our ability. Don’t ask people to put down there life and then screw them when/if they make it home. You no my hearts in the right place. I just didn’t want to rub an open wound. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


      • I think what you feel and say is what every service member hopes for. Its one thing for the gov to screw us over but its entirely different when the American people turn away. Rant away! Or our elected officials will throw us all under the bus.


      • They are throwing ALL of us under the bus. Thanks for you’re feedback. When I travel all the time I would just go up guys and hug them. At first I was the only person acknowledging them, their in uniform with a duffle. Lots people did that here. Actually they had a team of 10-12 volunteers, they knew when the major groups came through and they would form lines on both side with signs and balloons. Many others started doing it. Who told them the war was over? I’m not cut out for politics so I’ll keep screaming in my blog. Have a great evening.


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