1. Oh yes. I loved the temples. The monks built one behind my house which was a famous battle site in the Korean war. I spent a lot of time there. The architecture, art, and harmony will sooth the deepest hurt..


    • I was so disappointed I could not go. That’s the perfect trip for me. Finding history and beauty then put my camera to work. I have many more, but why my husband thought I wanted to see highrises and traffic on freeways is beyong me. Glad you like. How long did you live in Korea, I think I read you’re children were born there? 🙂


      • Were you stationed there? Met a beautiful Asian woman and had children while in Korea? Your so tall an Asian woman would be shirt standing beside you. It sounds like they were good memories and good times. 🙂


      • I was assigned to Korea. Both daughters spoke Korean as their first language. They both identify as Korean Americans. Feisty little she-dragons, they are 🙂


      • It bet that was an interesting place to station. No doubt the history is deep there. You have two daughters born there, that’s cool. David’s brother must have been stationed there. His first wife was Korean and his second wife is Korean.One observation about his current wife,families are close knit, help each other start business and help other Koreans when come to US. She has people she doesn’t even know stay with the. I think it’s great to keep part of your heritage. What time zone are you in? I’m CST in good ole Texas. 🙂


      • Yes, they are very close knit. We have a large Korean population here and everyone helps everyone else. I’m CST as well.


      • Good to know.I talk to so many people across the globe I never know what time it is for them. I’m proud to say I talk with people in Nigeria, Pakistan, Holland, Poland, Taiwan. It’s an on going education for specking in broken language patterns but they are so gracious.


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