Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Jam to Presence of the Lord **Live from Crossroads**

I haven’t gone off the deep edge or forgotten what day it is. This song is the most beautiful rock song about finding God. This is dedicated to my friend/followers. Thank you for the kind words of support, prayers and overall positive thoughts. It would not be right if I didn’t mention EC is the master guitar rocker. The Rock Star in my head plays like my guitar idol. Have a great weekend. 🙂  M


    • Hello my friend,
      I’m glad you could see the message thru the rock & roll. It’s old maybe late 1970 written by EC, not sure he found the Lord then, ok maybe thru some cocaine eyes. The song hit me the first time I heard, the message, not a message you hear much in the rock arena. He got clean in the 80’s, in the mid 90’s his son Connor fell out of the high rise apartment his mother was living in. The child passed to the beautiful side with no pain. It almost crippled EC, at his age Connor was his first child. EC dealt with part of his grief by writing the most beautiful make you cry and heart feel his pain.Tears From Heaven. You would like the song its very non rock, it pulls your heart out, mine pulls even today. He stayed clean, opened a free rehab facility on the island of Antigua. He is very active in the recovery of addicts. He is a perfect example of how it’s never to late, no matter the mistakes, we’re always forgiven if we ask. I’m sure you the entire run down, I did say he was my rock guitar hero. Have a great day. 🙂

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    • Hello my dear friend,

      I love the video, beautiful and calming. I found a couple of other videos I really like. The Sufi Music Channel looks very interesting, it’s on my list to check out. The music is exotic to me, the photography of the city makes me want to visit even more. Inside of the mosque is breathtaking. Hope you enjoy the link.


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