Throw Back Thursday **Triple Shot With Neil Young and Janis Joplin**

Triple Shot Thursday, who can turn the volume down on Neil Young or Janice Joplin. The first Neil Young gives you a glimpse at his sense of humor. Who knew? The video is priceless, today you won’t see an artist not prepared for a set. It cost money. The exchange with the audience is real and the foundation of good music. The second Neil Young and Janis Joplin videos have special meaning to me. While in bad girl boarding school I met people from every economic group and fours corners of America. One thing we all had in common is we were damaged, for different reasons yet all suffering. Music became the glue, we had music in common. Needle and Damage Done effected me deeply. Not for the reason he sings about, I was a drug addict without using needles. My mind focused on Damaged Done. At 13 years old I felt my life was damaged beyond repair, it’s amazing what a year in a positive environment can do. Mercedes Benz by Janis brings memories of hard work wrapped around fun. The boarding school had a fully functional laundry, it was a way for the Convent to make money. They did laundry for The Greenhouse Spa. When you graduated from kitchen duty you moved to laundry. In the middle of one room was a mangler machine. You feed the sheets in properly and they came out the other side ready to fold. The pace of the machine keeps you busy. All newbies started at the mangler. It was hot, back breaking work, there was no stopping the machine. Each station had a certain amount of items to fold or iron or whatever. I had the choice station of hand ironing the delicate lace. All the older timers with plush stations ended before others yet could not leave. We would sit on a folding table singing this song non stop. It drove the Nuns crazy. We would sing at the top of our voices and totally goof off. At 51 it’s an unexpected gem, fun memories during a low point in life. Its time to kick back, let the music take you in and relax. You Deserve It!     M


    • Wasn’t that great seeing her behind the scenes. She actually looked normal instead of high as a kite a couple of times. I’m not a die hard fan, just a hand full of songs. There were a couple of times during concert shots she was so high I thought she was passing out or falling backwards. It was cool to Hendricks in the video. Not a huge fan other than his guitar ability. Hope all is going well for you. 🙂


    • Hello my friend,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the music, this may be the best week ever. You hit the nail on the head, being mentally ill has forced me to push thru or hide behind a smile. One big issue is, I’ve spent the bulk of my marriage taking care of grandparents or sick. This is starting on year five of being sick. It’s hard to stay close to one another. When you have communications problems it makes it harder. We both have baggage and communication is a weakness. I truly appreciate you kind words and good thoughts. I don’t see myself as courageous, we all have our ups and big downs. You are a good example. You’re pushing thru, working on building your confidence and dealing with a deep depression.You are just as courageous. I believe God gives us tough trials to prepare for the next big or bigger trail. I can say its be the case for me. My body is forcing me to spend more time away from the computer. Have a great Friday. 🙂

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