Throwback Thursday **Rock & Roll History With Queen & Fleetwood Mac**

I thought last week was an all time high, wrong. This week will blow your mind. Ok, maybe not but it sounds so good. Many of you know I love Fleetwood Mac. I also have a deep passion for Queen. Freddie Mercury was a true entertainer. He had self-confidence, down right cockiness, an original. He liked men but loved women, he was overtly sexual in his gestures yet nothing distracted from his power house voice. This song has significant meaning in my life. While in boarding school this became our anthem. It felt like giving the bird to our abusers, saying I will come thru. The words gave me a confidence not felt before. There is a line ” I’ve done my sentence but committed no crime”, as a teenager abused by both parents, that’s how I felt. I wasn’t a bad kid, I was an out of control drug addict that would not be contained. I never felt like abuse was my fault. The evil thoughts I felt about my parents, confusing.  Spending a year at Mt. Saint Michael’s broke this horse with the lightest touch. The nuns and staff gave me all the love and attention my parents never did. The discipline and responsibility saved me, saved me from myself.

I had to include the interview with Stevie, she’s so young, beautiful and so excited. The interview took place in my hometown, I had never seen it before. A total gem. The Fleetwood Mac song, goes back to the timeframe Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac. The sound and video quality is not the best yet I felt energized by the song. Without further ado, kick back in the Lazy Boy, put your feet up and close your eyes. You are entering the Rock and Roll zone.   🙂  M

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