Psychiatric Prisoner Dies After Being LOCKED IN SHOWER FOR TWO HOURS AT WHAT TEMPERATURE? **Graphic**

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It’s not unusual for me to get jacked up reading the news or having a few choice words on the subject. Blowing a F@#&* gasket with my stomach rolling in disgust is unusual. It’s unacceptable no one was held accountable in this horrific crime. Two men responsible for Psychiatric prisoners killed man by locking him in the shower for two hours. The water temperature was 180 degrees. How does someone decide to torture a Mentally Ill man to death? Two people ignored his screams of pain, ignored as he begged for his life. After he was dead another prisoner had to clean the shower. The details to graphic for me to write. The inmate cleaning the shower will have horrific images to scar him for life. Their actions are deplorable. I can’t stop thinking of the family’s grief and anger. I hope you’re mad as hell, disgusted and ready to hold the prison and two workers accountable for their actions. Please sign the petition asking for justice and pass to everyone you know. We can’t accept abuse on any level Mentally Ill or not. If we do nothing, we lose civility. Thank you.   M

Petitioning Attorney General Eric Holder
Investigate the 2012 death of Mr. Darren Rainey, a mentally ill Florida prisoner who died after prison guards locked him into a 180-degree shower.

On June 23, 2012 Darren Rainey, a 50-year-old mentally ill state prison inmate in Miami-Dade County, died after guards responded to his defecating in his cell by locking him into a 180-degree shower for two hours—at which point his skin was separating from his body. Local police, and the state, failed to properly investigate. The case was only brought to light in recent months by The Miami Herald. After two years, no one has been held criminally accountable, or even charged.

Darren was serving a two-year sentence for drug possession and housed in a psychiatric unit. After his death, guards forced another prisoner, Mark Joiner, to clean up the shower where Darren died, including chunks of skin.

“He was crying, please stop, please stop, Joiner said. And they just said “Enjoy your shower, and left.”

Only the U.S. Department of Justice can properly investigate this terrible crime, and a broader culture of abuse in Florida’s prisons that has led to other unnecessary deaths, and which falls especially hard on the mentally ill.


  1. I could barely read this honestly I want to throw up. 😦 but it is reality. My angry selfish self wants them to pay with the same fate, but it is only God that can judge them.


      • I agree. I read some of these and can’t believe what I’m reading. I like having an outlet like to make my voice heard. I am starting a petition on Domestic Violence. Since I have not experienced as an adult, I’m going to ask for feedback on what are the most important issues we want the government to hear. I saw my mother abused, then she turned around and abused me. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • I felt sick to my stomach then anger filled me. Then I thought about the family, the pain they must be feeling. To know no one was held accountable makes it worse for the family. I know evil is out there everyday what crossed my mind is how did the evil get a job in a prison. This petition will bother me for a very long time. I think it sends a strong message to the Mentally Ill. I’ve had to clean up after a suicide and it was difficult. I’m sure the guy who cleaned the shower felt the same pain. Not to mention he heard the guy begging, that would disturb me deeply. I feel strongly about this petition and hope others feel the same way we do and will sign and pass along. The two men and the prison has to be accountable. 🙂 M

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      • Our mental hospitals and homes for the elderly are honestly filled with these types. I’d hear horror stories during work meetings. If they are found out they are prosecuted…. but just imagine the ones that are still working in these places where only the utmost empathic. loving, patient and kindhearted people should work. Sometimes the sad thoughts overwhelm me. I have trauma therapy today…. for once maybe it will help 🙂
        Enjoy your weekend!


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