Lyme Journal Entry Six **Kicked Around But Never Down**

God blessed me with the ability to feel empathy. He also filled my heart with sunshine. Today my husband participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. My heart shines as I watch this challenge cross the globe. If we look, there is someone suffering more than ourselves. I work hard to keep in mind on the tough days.  M

I’ve had a cold for a couple of days, germs rode in on husbands back. Thank you for the prayers and kind words, you lift me up. I have a positive outlook, no pity party here. Lyme Disease may kick me around but never down. A special shout out to my Twin in Germany, she keeps me rolling in laughter with vomit stories. You had to be there.

This is a list of probiotics, supplements and shots taken in preparation for my antibiotic treatment. My next appointment is 9/17/14, I’m hopeful he will start the antibiotics.


Magnesium Malate 1,250mg  1 daily
Omega 3,2126mg  1 daily
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg  1 daily
Multi Vitamin 1 daily
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg  1 daily
Reservatrol 150mg  1 daily

B12 Shot three times a week 

Methylocobalamine 25mg/ml injection 1cc 3 x week

2 pills in AM

One liquid probiotic packet daily

In an effort to improve overall health, I starting drinking all natural beverages. I discovered the Suja Life brand, they are certified organic by CCOF. The drinks are cold-pressed, organic, no growth hormones, all natural and no preservatives. I put the liquid probiotic packet in the Coconut Almond, my daily lunch staple.

General Issues 

Seizures happening often and more intense

During a seizure episode, eyes were closed but felt like light bulb on in back of eye. I experienced the same effect when my heart was in freak out mode.

Neuropathy hurts like thousands of needles stabbing mostly my legs. Doubled neuropathy and pain meds

Edema in both feet, imagine not seeing your ankle bone , tight and painful to shins, hands are very bloated! 😦

Severe headaches

Pimple face, look 13 again 😦



  1. Hi dear Twin,
    you almost made me cry (I got emotional and of course, because I feel impotent about your pain).
    I’m glad AoA is also enjoying the vomit stories (she’s doing a great job with her kids!).
    I guess it’s my turn now to tell a story, I’ll do it soon.


    1. Hi Twin,
      You have been working your ass off!!!!!!!!I had no idea you had to do a complete remodel!!!!!! The place is looking good. You have a cellar? Is that a basement? Cemented walls under the house, mostly underground? All the fumes must be getting to you,cry, what for!!!!! This is still good health, when I can’t move or walk you might think about crying. No…no need to cry, I’m not crying yet. I look forward to your next vomit adventure, soon we move to poop and pee!!! I have some of those to. Time for breakfast and maybe a post. Didn’t you enjoy John Mayer doing the Bucket Challenge? I love him. Yes, AOA is a great mother. We’ve spent many an hour talking, she’s great.
      Twin M


      1. Hi Twin M,
        Yes, it’s a basement!! I’ll correct it soon.
        And let’s say that thanks to the fumes and that I was stoned, I managed to mow the lawn too!!
        A new story coming soon 🙂


        1. Twin P-
          You were high if you got the lawn mowed to! Thank you for offering to do research for me, that was very kind of you. That’s why I love you so much. You need to come here and take care of me. I don’t work near as hard as you. I do have some photos of my animals coming. Banjo is getting really old so I thought it was time to get some more photos before his days are up. So you didn’t need my description of the basement after all? Just checking there could be a stocked wine cellar there? Never know.
          Hugs Twin M


          1. Twin M,
            There is a cellar/washing room… (or storage room now).
            I’d love to go and help you there! I’ll be applying for the green card soon 🙂
            Is Banjo your dog? I don’t want any pet, too many mammals in the house already 🙂
            And please tell me what to do! (I promise I’ll only do it when I can 🙂 )
            Hugs (and rest, almost weekend and you’ll need the energy!)
            Twin P


          2. Hi my dearest Twin P
            I am feeling much better after sleeping for almost three days. It’s not in my nature to let people take care of me. I try to let David but I want to do all that I can while I can. There will come a time after starting antibody treatment when I’ll have to let him. It makes you feel like death. That’s what you have to go through while the antibiotics try to kill the virus. Lyme is very stubborn once it reaches the chronic state. The best thing you can do for me you do on a daily bases. You let me know your there, provide humor which I always appreciate and I get to see photos of how the house is coming along. You should be really proud of yourself for doing everything by yourself. That’s another area we are alike, no pity party just get it done. I love seeing the birds and would love to know what animal the shit was from. The photo look cuddly but I bet they are mean. I love animals, much easier than kids. My cat is a huge pain but he’s almost 15 and old men bitch a lot period. While I feel good today. I hope to get work on a couple of post I’ve started. I feel like my site is getting boring. I’ve worked on photos this morning. People seem to respond to them. Just want to stay relevant. I hope to post photos of Banjo my oldest dog. He shy and doesn’t like to pose for camera. Talk to you soon.
            Hugs Twin M


          3. Hi Twin M,
            Thank you 🙂 I need to show the man that I don’t need him (at all). He can be mean (like the shitter in the background :D). Please post pictures of anything you like, we enjoy them very much.
            You’ll have to let David help you, accept it and it’ll be easier. And who knows, maybe the antibiotics are not that bad. You are taking good care of yourself and that will pay off.
            I’m exhausted today and I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep on the keyboard, but until them, I see if I can write something…
            I just remembered one shitty post of a few months ago that could make you laugh.
            And I hope you had laughed with 00:06.4. I really enjoyed writing that one… I remember the video and still laugh.
            Twin P


        2. Just came to mind-after you complete the rest of the house, in next couple of weeks, you can set up an office in the basement. If the internet reception is good. I also know a great looking cheap way to do room divider if you want to make spare area your bedroom/office/meditation room.


          1. The basement STINKS. And in about 2 months it’ll be colder than my fridge. But the room close to the living room has a radiator and good light. I can make there an office (for the day) and in my bedroom, an office for the night. I’ll search where I can buy high voltage fences first 😀


    1. Hello dear friend,
      I loved the photos of the kids playing on the swing. For a moment in time, nothing to worry about, just being kids. Thank you for the kind words. I needed them for sure today. Did you realize you are following my twin? She’s not really my twin, were so much alike we decided we were twins. Doted On, I’ve seen your comments. That woman can work!!!!! Her place is looking great, it’s a shame she had to do so much work and try to juggle five kids. I would be the crazy woman pushing an empty baby cart talking to myself.Hope all is well.
      Hugs 🙂


      1. I enjoy your twin’s blog…so authentic. Work is ,well, work. She is working so hard on her home…I love reading about it as I sit in a recliner doing much of nothing. Then I usually decide that I should really do at least one productive thing…
        Oh, I signed another petition. It was linked to a Facebook post. I will probably have to explore in small bites-I’m sure there are overwhelming numbers of evils out there…


        1. There are so many it can get overwhelming. I try to limit the subjects to what I’m most passionate about. There’s always more reading than I can do in one sitting. I do believe one person is all it takes. Have you read any of our vomit stories? We are so alike. We started telling vomit stories a good week or two ago and we have a few before we move to poop and pee. She has an unfair advantage in she has a gaggle of kids. She’s crazy. I see how hard she works, I look around shrug and get back to computer. Hope all is well. 🙂


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