As the dust cleared on 9/11/01, America took comfort knowing our flag was still there ** God Bless America Land Of The Free**

The tragic events of 9/11/01 will forever remain etched in my mind. It’s with a heavy heart I celebrate the lives taken and those left behind to grieve. I think of the men and women of our military bravely fighting for our freedoms. The cost of freedom is high. Let us not forget as we sip our Starbucks, a soldier will die today and a family is left behind. A soldier who hasn’t seen his newborn son. Let us not forget the innocent lives lost in war zones and the pain families suffer. The pain and agony of losing a loved one is universal, it’s a human feeling regardless of the language spoken.  M




  1. Reading this post reminded me of this series I watched a couple of years ago- the army wives. It highlights the emotional suffering families go through; anxiety and all, because they always go through each day not knowing if loved ones, who are in the army, will return home. We need to pray for those families everyday.


    1. Hello my friend,
      There isn’t a day go I don’t think of the fighting, wounded, dead and the families. People can forget very easily the cost of freedom and the full circle it makes. So many lives changed. We don’t hear about 99% of it’s easy to let the sacrifice pass by. I’ve always had a deep respect of the military because of my gramps and the limited knowledge about WW2. When 9/11 happened, a light bulb went off and it has never faltered. It becomes old news to the media but it’s happening every day every hour. A cost paid for freedom, a cost I don’t take for granted. I hope my post come across strongly so people might take a minute to say she’s right this is happening everyday. There isn’t another country that is free, and places importance on freedom, our country was born from freedom. The cost isn’t just money, money is the least cost. There’s a great charity that sends kids to summer camp and it’s only for military kids. They are the only kids who knows what they are going thru and they can talk to. We forget who it trickles down to the children who haven’t experienced loss, the loss is deployment. I could talk to hours. There aren’t many topics I feel so deeply about but the Military is one. You know very well what my other is. I may not be able to talk eloquently about God for hours but I can talk for hours. Thank you for continuing to follow me. I truly appreciate you. Have a blessed weekend.
      🙂 M


      1. I believe everyone who reads this post will agree with you. Freedom comes with a cost and one may not understand it until they have someone close to them, who lives every day wondering if that will be their last; if they will be gunned down or bombed when defending the country.Thank you for the beautiful post. 🙂

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        1. Hi my friend,
          I thought of you while watching a program on Arlington Cemetery. It was so educational and emotional. Heart wrenching to know so many soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan they’ve have a special section just for the soldiers. The cemetery has had a long standing policy of no flowers, mementos or any other items. They have made an exception for those families. I had no idea JFK visited the cemetery two weeks before his assassination. He told the main caretaker it was so beautiful he could spend his remaining days there. That gave my goosebumps. I had no idea the history. The riderless horse with the boots backwards got to me. I think it was on Smithsonian Channel.
          Have a great day. Hope you are doing well.
          🙂 M


          1. The program sounds somewhat scary to me, but I feel it brings so much poignancy. I take my heart off to all those who are in the military and all those who lost their lives in the line of duty. It takes so much strength to be a soldier because one never knows how long it will be before they’re killed.
            The part about JFK is also a bit eerie. It’s like he knew what was coming. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi G,
      Thank you, those words mean so much coming from you. I hope life is treating you good. Your photography skills have reached a new high, I’m blown away by the ones you’ve posted lately. I left CTC, just FYI. Check out


          1. Hopefully not Longer Sad Twin M
            I nominated you for 2 awards but I’ll be happy if you don’t follow the rules and just be happy that I thought about you 🙂
            And don’t be sad! 🙂
            Smiley Twin P


          2. Twin M,
            Don’t worry! And you did reply.. You said something like: “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!” 😀
            I go to sleep now. See you tomorrow 🙂
            I’ll try to dream chimneys 🙂
            Twin P


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