I hope you enjoy. She is so funny, has a great outlook on life

and Lyme.


I’ve been a bit of a miserable git lately, despite various health improvements. I’m still treating, people ask me how it’s going and I’m not sure how I’m meant to answer, I take about 30 pills a day and try not to get indigestion from them. They make me feel like I’ve tipped a vat of jam into my head and then let loose some very hungry wasps. So really, it’s going swimmingly, thanks. How do you explain that to someone who isn’t diseased?


I often feel like a total freak. It’s wonderful going out into the world, people look at me and see someone normal. But I don’t feel it. I feel like I’ve witnessed something so horrific that nothing will ever be the same again. I physically feel weak and vulnerable. I feel so at odds to the world I don’t see how I will ever fit in…

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