250 children 'at risk of grooming in Greater Manchester'

This is happening in every city in American. I’m blown away by the resources in this post. Thank you Paul from Defender of Faith.

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

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Nearly 250 children are “at risk” of being sexually exploited across Greater Manchester, the BBC has learned.

Figures show that out of 246 children being dealt with by local councils, 111 were deemed to be at high risk of being sexually exploited.

Rochdale Council had the highest number of children at risk, but said tackling sexual exploitation was one of its top priorities.

Defendants in Rochdale grooming trial Defendants in 2012 Rochdale grooming trial— The men plied their victims with drink and drugs so they could “pass them around” for sex

In 2012 nine men were jailed for running a child sex ring in the town.

‘High risk’

Manchester City Council had 36 children known to it, of which 20 were at high risk.

Rochdale Council said there were 40 children at risk but only three of those fell into the high risk category, making them susceptible to being targeted by groomers.

The council’s assessment…

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  1. I like the intervention that is happening. Since the courts are not going to help before it is too late for these children, others must take a stand and break the silence! We must open our eyes to those around us….I may not change the whole world, but I can help my neighbor…

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    • Angel,
      We are backwards in protecting and improving the lives of children. I saved to many other sites to checks out. I didn’t understand what grooming was at first. So glad I clicked on link. Have you met TED Talk my new BFF? Awesome.
      I’ll write off line have a few other tidbits.



      • Angel,
        I was blown away yesterday by talks on Autism Spectrum. I was clueless about 99% of the information. My mind started working 100 miles per hour thinking about how the ways of learning could reach any student with learning difficulties. Good thing the videos pack so much info in 20 minutes or less. Have a great day.


      • Welcome to my world, friend! Now to educate the educators…I am doing a 3 hour presentation in November…I will have to check out Ted, and see if he can offer some inspiration and education to share:-)

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      • I’m very confident Ted has what you need. I found many talks on Mental Illness to go back to watch. I signed up for the weekly newsletter and a new world has opened to me. My mind has expanded immensely and I never multitask while watching.That really tells you something.


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