Lyme Disease Journal Entry Nine **Lyme-Winning Me-Hanging By A Thread**

This is a 6 minute video from the 2014 Gala which raises money for Lyme Disease research. Patients talk in the video about the symptoms and difficulty getting a proper diagnosis. I have tears in my eyes.

Severe gastro illness after starting second Malaria RX added

Fatigue, exhausted and frustrated

Doubled neuropathy Rx in effort to reduce pain

Full body edema, very painful

My esophagus ulcer doesn’t like two Malaria RX’s

Very painful to walk with edema

Burning sensation in arms and legs, at times like fire ants attacking

Chest pains more severe, probably from edema

Left shoulder pops when moved, feels like dislocated

Have several pressure points which light up when touched

Watching videos Lyme videos on to learn what to expect next.

Justin and Christa Vanderham were a young couple planning a wedding when life went horribly wrong. They share first hand knowledge on the website. I have no idea how both kept their faith and marriage together. The video is roughly an hours long and chronicles five years of Christa’s life. I cry watching her pain every time, it’s a video no one should miss.


    • Hi friend,
      If you’re talking about the attractive young couple, no. I’m 51 and didn’t look like that at any age. 🙂 If you’re talking about one of the ladies in the Gala video, no. If you talking about the person who is about to loose it at the moment and wrote the blog yes it’s me. Did you have major problems with edema? I haven’t read your back post yet. This is the third time this month and tomorrow will return to doughboy state. I have no ankles, swollen to knees and can feel my arms rubbing against breast and hurting. I’ve only lost it once or twice but this week I am breaking the record. It’s bad when you think waiting for edema to go down is better than going to hospital. It takes so long to fill out paperwork, explain where your at with Lyme and then they run whatever test they want. Not to mention the Emboli scare not far from here, I have no immune system and would rather die of many other things than that. I want to scream and cry. My husband loves me but doesn’t get the grip of the disease.
      Thanks for letting me vent. I choose not to on my Lyme post, I’m honest but want others to feel hope and come back to read more educational information. It’s not because I’m Mother Teresa. Just a choice.


  1. Hi Twin,
    I couldn’t watch the video… It says not available… I’ll look for it on YouTube.
    I’d send you pictures of my house (my mess), but I think that instead of making you feel better, you’d feel worse 🙂
    Think it’s temporary 🙂
    Sorry about the tons of meds you have to take. I could send my ex mom in law to give them to you every time is coffee time. Then probably you’ll end up thinking that Lyme wasn’t that painful after all 😀
    Twin P

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    • Next month I see the doctor. Chances are I’ll get a port in the arm and antibodies are given through port. I think you still take other pill. I know very hard times are ahead, you feel like you’re dying. For what I’ve see you get much worst while the meds are jacked up to kill the virus. In he video she is much worse than me. It took a long time to get an answer. Most people don’t know there are roughly two labs who have highly sensitive test and test for the many strains, I’m having my blood sent next month. They can detect all the other related viruses out there. The biggest issue is not having someone to take care of me. We had some cross words about it tonight. I have to find a maid service and someone to stay with me everyday. That’s a tall order. When I have a good moment photos are nice a way to escape. I may not be able to blog consistent but plan to keep the Lyme Journal going. I pray someone will learn from my journey. Today/yesterday was a rough day, I sent him an email saying tell them you’re fucking wife is dying and you can’t attend the meeting. The meeting was the choice. I understand the pressure of his job and it concerns me all the little things I need are up for question. The person I get to stay during day will not stay in evening. I won’t be able to do much for myself. We’ll see. I have at least a year before I reach the other side and then you spend time building you body up and the immune system. I’ve accepted what’s if front of me. God will take care if me or give me another challenge to build my strength. I will get angry at got like Job did but my faith while stay in tack. We might no talk as often but the friendship will stay strong.


      • Oh Twin,
        You are still up! I’m filling a lot of paper work and it’s taking forever. I still need to read your posts.
        I’m sorry about your man. I guess the meeting was his escape. He also knows that it could get worse. That sucks.
        Don’t worry about talking often or not, its really hard for me to get mad at something so insignificant. I get people not being able to write or answer in time. But I don’t get people getting mad for not receiving an answer in time… 🙂
        I hope you find someone who is able to help, if not every day, maybe a couple of days a week. Here there are a lot of women doing that for work (paid or volunteering). I think most are organized by the church.
        I insist on calling you because I feel terrible when you sit and write for so long. I feel I’m taking all your time 🙂

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      • What paperwork? The paperwork that was refused last time? I’ll make it to the other side, if I can live thru my past, this won’t keep me down. Cell # is 972-977-0352. Don’t call before 8:00 AM, he we will be sleeping. Sometime I forget to turn the sound up on phone. I listen to music to help me go to sleep.


      • I was answering your email 🙂
        I’ll ask before I call. If I wake you up, I’ll not forgive myself.
        The rejected paperwork was accepted the second time :). Now a lot of taxes and school stuff. I never had to take care of that… It’s awful!!!
        Do you have iMessage?
        Hugs Twin,


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